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Monday, September 27, 2010

Break in Access - SDEIS Public Hearing

Below is the videotape of tonight's Public Hearing on the Draft Supplemental Environmental Impact Statement regarding the break in access of Route 840 at Woods Highway.

If you were unable to attend tonight's Public Hearing and would like to comment, written comments will be accepted until October 8, 2010. Please send your comments to:

Herb Cully, Town Attorney
Town of New Hartford
48 Genesee Street
New Hartford, N.Y. 13413


Anonymous said...

Here we go again MORE OF THE SAMEdealing that got the taxpayers on the hook for the purpose of bailing out a private developer who reaps the benefits .This town government is hopeless from the supervisor on down .They are totally clueless. Between our school taxes and town and county taxes we are being "held Up".I guess a new broom doesn't sweep as clean as we wished. This has to end.

Anonymous said...

These deals in New Hartford have got to stop.....NO ONE and I mean NO ONE should be considered for a reduction in taxes (Not even Preswick Glenn) at a time when r taxes have gone up 46 per cent. We let everyone into New Hartford and r told they will be paying taxes and reduce the taxes we r currently paying. Little do they tell us that in a year everyone comes crying to have their taxes reduced.....and they r reviewed and approved.This is a scam...and it has to stop. I hope someone on the board has the GUTS to stand up and say NO to Preswick least not this year!! Tax payers should be writing in in record numbers to protest this deal and any other deals proposed by the town board,especially since our taxes have gone up 46 percent!!!!

Anonymous said...

Put the road where it belonged to begin with with the Clinton St extension. Why should the taxpayers in this town be held hostage because of a dispute between the developer and the orchard owners. If the developer let the orchard owners pick the apples to begin with none of this would have happened. Because of the stupidity of the developer this is where it all began. Small apples to some but not the taxpayers. Does anyone know how much the right in and out is going to cost? Anyone on the Town board built a road lately. I highly doubt it.

With the Preswick Glen issue this began back 10 years ago. This project was postponed because for the hard economic times back then. In other words the project would be put on hold until the market recovered back then. Just when they thought the timing was right they were wrong. If you can't sell your house or rent your property in New Hartford can you just renegotiate your assessment? Nope! You have not seen anything yet. Wait till next year.