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Monday, July 26, 2010

New Hartford Public Library Board of Trustees...

held a meeting in Butler Hall on July 21, 2010 starting at 7:00 p.m.

Concerned Citizens videotaped the meeting and we are making the video available for viewing.

Interesting to say the least!


Bookworm said...

Is that Greg Moretz, a surgeon at Slocum Dickson Clinic "chastizing" Ed Wiatr, Jr. in his capacity as a legally appointed Library Board Trustee by the Town Board of New Hartford?

If yes, who the hell does he think he is and furthermore, who is Hans Plambeck to show such disrespect to Mr. Wiatr who is his "boss?" Appears to this viewer that both Dr. Moretz and Hans Plambeck need to go back to school and learn some communications skills.

I am saddened by both these people but also of Mrs. Mary DuRoss, Chairwoman who justs sits there and allows this to continue.

Anonymous said...

The audacity of Mary's lapdog (Plambeck) to thumb his nose at a legally appointed Trustee while $535,000 in Town funding pays his salary. Shameful!

Anonymous said...

It;s about time for the town board shows some LEADERSHIP! and end this fiasco! they don't seem to do any thing right.

BJM said...

I have an MBA in HR and I would have asked to have the Full time Part time employee issue tabled until we had some written direction from Civil Service. I have worked in HR in Municipal Government but have never heard of this, here are the issues
1. They went from 37 - 40,
Generally the already HAVE a 40 hour work week with usually 37.5 hours paid and 30 minutes for an unpaid 40 hours..

2. Do we now have to pay for the 3 extra hours for each FTE? me thinks yes.

It would have been wiser and more economic to reduce the part timers to 18.5 hours.

Anonymous said...

Its interesting to see that for some of the board members, there was such a childish attitude. When the disagreement about Mr. Wiatr came up the solution was to adjourn. Really? I was glad to see that someone stepped in with some common sense and allowed the board meeting to continue. I also noted that on several issues, several board members had NOTHING to say, the whole meeting. Why are they a board member if they are not participating?

Anonymous said...

Why does Dr.Susan Blatt just sit there and knits throughout the entire meeting?

Is this the type of Library Trustee Town residents want?

Appears we need some new blood and perhaps, if Dr. Blatt would assist with the "transfusion" staring with excluding herself?