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Friday, June 11, 2010

More of the same??

Tyksinski supports Inserra for New Hartford police chief, that's what we read in today's paper.

Normally, this would be a great of our own police officers named as provisional chief and then possibly promoted to Police Chief.

Unfortunately, this announcement and the decision at the May 26th town board meeting that the application deadline was being extended for one additional week both have an odor to them. It actually really didn't dawn on us what was happening until we read some comments on the Observer Dispatch article the day after the town board meeting. We blogged about it a couple of weeks ago.

What makes this announcement troublesome is the fact that Sgt. Inserra did not submit an application until after the deadline for submission of an application had expired. Certainly Sgt. Inserra had plenty of time to make his decision; former Police Chief Philo made known his intentions to retire long before the official announcement that the town board was starting the search for Philo's replacement and long before the deadline for submitting applications. So what reason could there possibly be for Sgt. Inserra to wait until after the deadline and until after three (3) other candidates were interviewed before making his interests known. More troubling is that the town board voted to extend the deadline AFTER interviewing Inserra and BEFORE he even submitted an "official" application.

According to the article:
Tyksinski said the full board met with Inserra in an executive session prior to the May 26 meeting, because they had heard he was interested.
They heard he was interested? Heard from whom? If he was so interested and if he thought he was the best man for the job, why didn't he bother to submit his application like everyone else did? Shouldn't someone who wants to be a police chief be confident enough and organized enough to submit his application on time? What prevented him from doing that?

The article goes on to say:
Asked if the board had reopened the search just for Inserra, Tyksinski said no.

“As far as I’m concerned I wanted to reopen the search anyway, because at that point we only had three viable candidates,” he said. “I didn’t think it was appropriate for us to make a determination with just that.”
Sorry, but that is just not a very believable statement Pat. One week added for other applications? The town received eight applications that were approved by Oneida County's Personnel Department according to a May 20, 2010 article, Three interviewed for NH police chief; only three of the eight were interviewed. A couple of the people supposedly withdrew their application; did the town board interview any of the remaining candidates that were approved by Oneida County after the deadline was extended or was Sgt. Inserra the only one that was interviewed? If the town board merely wanted to expand the search, shouldn't at least one (1) of the other approved applicants who got their application in on time get a chance to interview as well? Sorry, it would appear that the search was opened up to interview one (1) more who was hand-selected by someone.

According to the article:
“Right now, on my own, knowing what I do of Mike and looking at all our other applicants, I would have no problem supporting Mike as our police chief,” Tyksinski said.
The article also says:
Tyksinski also said he had not gotten to know Inserra until he became town supervisor in January.
If that is the case, just how well do you know him...6 months worth? We're not buying it.

Councilman Reynolds was quoted as saying:
Town Board member David Reynolds said he supported Inserra “100 percent.”

“I think he can hit the ground running,” he said. “He is a strong, capable police leader and I think he has a clear understanding of the financial constraints the town is facing.”
Gee Dave, we feel better with your endorsement..who created those financial constraints?

The article continues:
Inserra has been with the New Hartford Police Department for 22 years, and he grew up in New Hartford.

“He knows the town and the community and the Police Department,” Tyksinski said. “He has a lot of experience with regard to writing procedures and policies for our department, he knows all the guys.”
Actually, those would be the exact same reasons why perhaps Sgt. Inserra shouldn't be considered. Do we really want someone who writes the same policies and procedures that Philo did and who is chummy with "the boys"? When FOILed for any complaints against the Police Department and for any emails or other correspondence from the former Police Commissioners, the reply was there are none.

Interesting because as a result of FOILing all of Dave Reynold's emails, we just happen to have an email from Steve Zogby who was in the process of putting together a quote for town insurance back in May 2008. He mentions that he needs more information on two (2) of the claims for law enforcement liability...Tretter and Warmack. We know there have been other claims. For one, Ms. Alessi filed a complaint where she even mentions Sgt. Inserra by name. But the good ol' boys protect each other...the fox guarding the henhouse syndrome.

It would appear that this is a done deal...the timing of the announcement in the paper suggests that Supervisor Tyksinski has a majority vote on the town board; otherwise, he would have held off making a statement. The real story behind this decision [and we do believe there is more to the story] will probably never be known.

The police department is one of the largest expenses of the town budget and Sgt. Inserra was one of the officers receiving beau coup overtime. Since he didn't have the tenacity to put his application in from the get-go, will he be able to rein in a runaway department or will someone else be pulling his strings?

We'd love to hear your comments.


Civil Rights Attorney said...

Where can I find the Alessi woman coming before the Town Board?

Anonymous said...

My comments are this...
And don't take this as hostile or derogatory at all as it is not my intent. But your statement about Pat having a majority vote is funny. Funny because any third grader could see he has had the vote all along but most of what he has done has been deemed ok by your site etc so nothings been said of the blatant one sided way the board votes. Pats way that is. Now this comes along and it seems like there is some trouble in paradise. I dunno. Who knows why the deal with this is the way it is. Maybe Inserra will be on board with cost cutting and all that jazz. Time will tell. But as far as how this looks??? Well its looked like this since the beginning of the year. So welcome to how some of the rest of us feel.
I was also reading the previous blog on your site. Why in the name of all that's holy would I want to pay for the Willowvale fire companies debt when I am not in willowvale? I hope to the maker Pat and the rest ain't on board with what is being planned by Don. Its just isn't right. Some things this board has done has been needed and just but making me pay more taxes for something I will not benefit in and that I already get to boot is just wrong. And I hope if it goes through the voters react accordingly.

New Hartford, N.Y. Online said...


We are not taking your comment as hostile.

We chose to give the new administration a chance to prove themselves before writing any negative blogs. Believe me, we do not look at politicians through rose-colored glasses. We know that everything they do will probably not please us, but we are still hopeful that nothng will compare to the last four years. Earle's administration ruined this town financially.

Our goal is not to give carte blanche to anybody; rather we are here to provide people with the facts [with a little bit of our opinion thrown in]. From there the reader is free to form their own opinion [we know that not everyone will necessarily agree with us either].

Anonymous said...

winning the FIX Is IN IN !Just more of the same S.O.S

Anonymous said...

This is very odd. Seems like there are some underlying motives here. I have supported Pat thus far but this leaves a bad smell. Inserra is nothing but the same old that Pat just got rid of. I was hoping for a new start for our police dept., but that seems to be slipping away. Pat really needed to look to the outside for a Chief. Inserra worked for philo for 22 years, how do you think he is going to act ? I think the actions during the Alessi incident speaks volumes. Bad idea Pat.

Anonymous said...

Although I don't know what was said behind closed doors during the selection process, I have to think Inserra shared Pat's philosophy on ways to reduce NHPD's impact on the budget or he wouldn't have been selected. Isn't that what the theme has been since Day 1 and why would that change now?

Anonymous said...

I just agree that after all these years I find it hard to believe he would agree to come in and gut the police dept. he was a part of for two decades.

Anonymous said...

Officer Inserra, I believe and based on town records that he was the highest paid employee, especially when you factor in overtime. If I recall correctly, did your blog not say that he made over $101,000 a few years ago?

Anonymous said...

Provisional doesn't mean permanent so he'll have plenty of time to prove himself. Don't know the guy personally so I can't judge his character but if anyone is going to know where the excess is, it's someone that's been there all along.

The coming months will be very telling.

New Hartford, N.Y. Online said...

Many of the officers were making several thousand dollars of overtime. The money will no longer be there, or so we are told.

If Officer Inserra didn't have the tenacity to put his application in on time, how will he handle his "friends" griping when they are only taking home a normal paycheck?

Nothing against Officer Inserra, but a police chief with experience and no allegiance to the current force would better serve this community.

Anonymous said...

Time will tell. When Tyksinski made that speech telling all department heads to "reduce spending or I will", I think he meant it. I can't see him going back on his word giving the PD a pass. Doesn't make sense to me.

Anonymous said...

It's obvious to me that Pat and the board did not totally like the three candidates that applied for the police chief position. Could Inserra been asked to apply because he knows the "boys" and they will not object to working with less officers if Inserra is their boss? Inserra hasn't been much of a public figure, working on the sidelines. Sgt. Robert Philo seems to get quite a bit of press coverage.

Anonymous said...

this is all moot. its a done deal. lets just all see what becomes.

Anonymous said...

Surprised there are no comments about Inserra's appointment to police chief. Looks like everyone is in agreement with the board's choice for police chief.