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Monday, June 28, 2010

Hampton Inn and GEIS

As reported in today's Observer Dispatch article, Hampton Inn gets preliminary OK for New Hartford Business Park, the Planning Board gave their approval for the plans as presented this evening; however, there are some issues that still need to be addressed by the Planning Board according to Codes Enforcement Officer Joe Booth. It was noted tonight that under Planned Development Park zoning, the Planning Board has the option of granting a waiver.

One item that was discussed tonight never did make it to the agenda that was posted on the town website several days ago or the agenda that was available at the meeting tonight.

Given the fact that Planning Board Chairman Elis DeLia and Town Attorney Herb Cully were well prepared to address the issue tonight it is doubtful that the item was added to the agenda at the last minute. More than likely it was intentionally left off the agenda to keep those who have been strongly opposing the GEIS from attending tonight's meeting. Planning Board Chairman Elis DeLia has already made it quite clear that there will be no public comment periods at Planning Board meetings.

Board Chairman DeLia was definitely pushing the Planning Board to approve the findings of the GEIS for the Southern Area of town; however, two board members were reluctant because copies of the findings were never made available to the board. It was finally decided that the discussion will resume at the next Planning Board meeting.

Here is the excerpt of tonight's meeting regarding the GEIS:

Getting back to the article in today's Observer Dispatch regarding the Hampton Inn, Larry Adler was quoted as saying:
Adler said the fact that plans for access to Route 840 were moving forward had helped get the hotel project on track again.

“There is a positive feeling about the potential break in access of 840,” he said.
That's an interesting statement. To date, no mention of the plans for a break in access of 840 has recently been discussed in open meeting. It certainly was not mentioned at tonight's Planning Board meeting.

For those who are interested in the entire Planning Board meeting including the discussion of the preliminary site review of the Hampton Inn in the New Hartford Business Park, the video is below.


Mango Man said...

Elis DeLia needs to resign as Chairperson of the Planning Board. He really is not carrying out the wishes of the town residents.

I wonder why there was no mention of the Southern GEIS on the PB Agenda?

The NYS DOT must be in Adler's hip pocket, too?

Anonymous said...

Delia resign? You don't know E.D.

Anonymous said...

I think it's more likely that DeLia is in Adler's pocket...