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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Congratulations and Thank You for Stepping Up to the Plate...

At the May 26, 2010 town board meeting, Edmund J. Wiatr Jr., Co-Founder of Concerned Citizens was unanimously approved by the New Hartford Town Board for a five-year appointment to the New Hartford Library Board of Trustees.

An earlier Observer Dispatch article [also see our blog, New Hartford Public Library] reported that between 2006-2010, none of the trustees were appointed by the New Hartford Town Board as required by the New Hartford Public Library By-Laws.

The portion of the May 26th town board meeting with the appointment of Mr. Wiatr excerpt can be viewed below:

Town Supervisor Patrick Tyksinski has said that the town board will be replacing 3 trustees this year, Ed being the first appointment; the board is currently looking for 2 more people for appointment to the Library Board of Trustees. Anyone interested should submit a letter of interest along with their resume to the New Hartford Town Clerk.

According to the Observer Dispatch article in today's paper, Citizens’ group leader named to library board, Ms. DuRoss was quoted as saying:
She also said she was aware that Wiatr had dropped his contact information off at the library, but had not reached out to him yet.

“He’ll be notified when the next meeting is,” she said. “That’s public information.”
Well, meeting times and dates are NOT quite public information at this point...but we foresee some changes in the very near future. Currently, the Library website says:
The regularly scheduled meeting of the Board is the third Wednesday of each month. The Board meetings are held at Butler Memorial hall, 48 Genesee Street, New Hartford, and begin at 7 pm. Please contact the Library Director (733-1535) to confirm the time and place of the next meeting.
Hmm...that is so against the Open Meetings Law. People should not have to contact the Library to confirm when the meetings are held. The Library needs to make use of their website and contact the Observer Dispatch to openly advertise their meeting times and places.

The Observer Dispatch article goes on to say:
She [Ms. DuRoss] declined to comment about whether the library normally contacted its new board members, and also declined to comment about whether she would accept Wiatr as a board member.
Ms. DuRoss, quite frankly your attitude stinks. Mr. Wiatr was appointed by the town board, the only ones who have the authority to appoint members to the Library Board of Trustees! Whether you want to "accept" him or not...Ed will be in attendance and sitting at the table of your next board meeting.

According to the Handbook for Library Trustees found on the State Education Department website:
Library trustees play a special, keenly important role in shepherding the dedicated and prudent use of library resources. Always striving to provide the best service which benefits and supports the entire community, trustees must make policy, personnel and fiscal decisions crucial to a positive direction for the library. While delegating the day-to-day activities to competent staff, the library trustees must always be mindful of how their decisions impact the lives of people and the future of their community.
Library trustees are responsible to the library and to the public it serves. Trustees must fulfill the duties commonly referred to as “care, loyalty, and obedience” and must be tireless advocates for improving library services...
Ms. DuRoss, nothing further need be said...besides, you have already embarrassed yourself enough in today's paper. It's time to move on.

Once again, Ed, thank you on behalf of all taxpayers in New Hartford. We know that you will bring a much needed breath of fresh air to the New Hartford Public Library Board of Trustees.


Anonymous said...

Do you post any real news on your blog? Reading this almost put me to sleep.

New Hartford, N.Y. Online said...


Just our stayed awake long enough to post this useless comment!

Anonymous said...

Problem for some is whenever this blog posts "real" news it usually means someone's party is about to end. Isn't that right Earle, Roger, Ray, Larry, Dave, Rich, Robert and last but not least, Mary?

Congrats Ed!

Strikeslip said...

If Mr. Wiatr is the only legally appointed member of the Library Board, does that not make him the ENTIRE board at this point . . . at least until others are appointed by the town board? All the others who call themselves board members have been acting without legal authority.

Shouldn't Mr. Wiatr be calling the Library Board meetings . . . and informing Ms. DuRoss of them via "public notice" here on this blog???

New Hartford, N.Y. Online said...

Hi Strikeslip,

I do believe you are correct!

Ed, when will the next library board meeting be?

Mango Man said...


Ed should call the next meeting since he is the only legal representative of the Town.

I did read the news article and I must say that Ms. DuRoss was very unprofessional in her remarks to the O.D. reporter.

Who does this woman think she is? I cannot wait til Ed let's the other Library Trustees of what will be expected of them, that is, as it pertains to transparency within this group.

Congratulations Ed and do not let them wear you down. I know you have the tenacity to show the Library Board their errors...

Visitor said...

Can someone please tell this reader why the hell are the Library Board Meetings held at Butler Hall when they have large rooms (i.e. Sammon Room)?

Who the hell is this Board of Trustees? They are making a mockery of the use of town resources and too, showing their ignorance in these matters.

When will we have a Board of Trustees that has the concerns of ordinary town residents?

I hope Mr. Wiatr can implement changes and soon.