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Thursday, May 6, 2010

New Hartford through rose-colored glasses...

...a town where even the sun wears shades!

We are the best in the three county area...yes we are!

That certainly was the theme at the New Hartford Central School Budget Hearing on Tuesday. We even heard students tell us that their friends in other area schools (Whitesboro and Clinton included) are envious of what we have to offer our students. Wow...what an attitude to instill in our youth...that should get them far!

It must be true...we heard it at the Library budget workshop...Ms. DuRoss said we have the best library in the two-county area. Is that an association library or a municipal library you are talking about Ms. DuRoss?

We know it must be true because when any town-related emails from the police commission were recently FOILed, they said there are none. Five commission members; two town councilmen and one secretary; not one of them has any town-related emails regarding the NHPD.

Guess it must be that our police department is the best in the 3 county area...maybe even in the entire state!

The police commission's purpose was to field complaints regarding officers. Councilman Reynolds made that very clear when Ms. Alessi came to the town board with a well-documented harassment complaint against a NHPD officer.

But apparently, there are absolutely no emails from or between police commission members regarding the New Hartford Police Department. No one ever sent any of them a complaint via email. They never were sent any information from the police chief regarding complaints he received (course he refused to accept a restricted delivery letter complaint, but that's another story). They never emailed each other regarding any town business. Guess, there just was no town business for the police commission to attend to via email because there simply were no complaints!

Well that is except the Alessi matter...oh, and there was the cigar incident, and the lady taken away in handcuffs because of a loud party complaint (sued the town she did) and wasn't there an officer that claimed a disability he didn't have.

So, if there are no complaints...why did a local politician contact us in response to an employee of the police department that was upset at the FOIL request? Why would anyone be upset if there were no emails...wonder if they are all willing to certify to that? just have to love New Hartford.

And, we have to wonder why all the executive committee meetings for the police commission? Couldn't be that they were not in compliance with Open Meeting Law...

Nah, not in New Hartford...because...WE ARE THE BEST IN THE THREE COUNTY AREA!


Cato said...

I love the Utica Library.

Strikeslip said...

I love the Utica Library too . . . and since it's about 4 miles from the NH library, why could not the Utica library serve both communities? Are New Hartfordans afraid of rubbing elbows with diverse cultures?

As far as the NH School district goes, ask some of the high schoolers whether or not there is a "pregnancy pact" and have several pregnancies resulted?

Traveling Man said...


The "blue-bloods" of New Hartford think they are better than the rest of us in Oneida County.

It is long overdue that these snobs and I do mean snobs get a reality check on themselves.

Teaching or allowing highschool students to feel they are better than anyone else, sends the wrong message to all.

We are all created equal in the eyes of God and someday these snobs will find this out, hopefully, sooner not later.

Anonymous said...

I never heard about the cop who faked an injury ?? Please give more details, was he arrested for fraud ? If not then why ?? Where is he now ?