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Thursday, March 11, 2010

Videos of March 10, 2010 Town Board Meeting...

As was reported in today's Observer Dispatch article, New Hartford backs county 911 grant application, last night the town board approved a resolution to support the County's application for a $600,000 grant to help with the cost of consolidating New Hartford and Utica Dispatch centers with Oneida County 911.

For those that are interested, below is a video of the discussion leading up to the adoption of the resolution to support the county.

We are also making available a copy of the grant application that we received from the county in answer to our FOIL request.

To view the entire March 10, 2010 town board meeting video, click here!


BJM said...


"Town of New Hartford Councilman - David Reynolds was found repeatedly to obligate town funds for the 19 Campion Road Bldg (that did not even belong to the Town) and too, requested Architect services from Alesia Crowell - without Board Approval for the Kellogg Road Bldg., next to the Madden Office Bldg.

Thousands of dollars was found to have been disbursed to Alesia and Crowell, a firm, that appears to have a special relationship with Councilman Reynolds.

Last night's Town Board Meeting, Councilman Reynolds was REQUIRED to RECUSE himself from a vote that concerned his son-in-law (Jeff Madden). However, true to form, Dave Reynolds voted NO.

Here is a man who would and did openly violate a code of ethics.

Councilman Reynolds needs to do the right thing. Step down form office before he is charged with a "crime" or two"

New Hartford, N.Y. Online said...

We can confirm that thousands of dollars were paid to Alesia & Crewell and David Reynolds was the person who signed everything; we have the documentation.

Not only was there no board approval for these expenditures; the invoices were paid from an account that had no money budgeted for the year (2008).

At year's end, money was transferred from the Sauquoit Creek Basin Engineering Services account to cover the shortfall in the account that the invoices were paid from.

And so it goes robbing Peter to pay Paul...seemed to be the way it was from 2006 to 2009. Now the town has no money left.

We will be writing a blog on this very shortly.