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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

I dunno....

Another day; another story about New Hartford in the Observer Dispatch, New Hartford fails to collect dispatching fees from N.Y. Mills...

In the article former town supervisor Earle Reed says from his home in Jupiter, Floria, he didn’t know why the contracts hadn’t been sent out.
“I have no idea,” he said. “I don’t know who would handle that.”

The story behind the story...

After reviewing the 2007 budget, Concerned Citizens had some questions about the revenues that were being used to offset the expenditures in some budget lines; one area in particular was the Dispatch Center contract revenues.

It seems that after Earle Reed took office, the amount of budgeted revenue for each of the Dispatch contracts seemed to go down. So we FOILed the signed copies of the Dispatch contracts for 2005 to 2008.

Our December 18, 2007, we wrote a blog, highlighting the NYM Dispatch contracts [we also wrote about the Village of Yorkville and Village of Whitesboro in previous blogs]. We were amazed that no one from either the Town of New Hartford or any of the three villages that the Dispatch Center contracts with were able to provide us with signed contracts for 2005, 2006, or 2007 or 2008. Our question back then was...without signed contracts, are any of the Dispatch fees being paid? We never received an answer to that question during Earle's administration.

However, we finally got our answer regarding the payment of 2009 fees after Supervisor Tyksinski took office and willingly gave us a copy of a report showing each budget line for 2009 and the revenue that was received as of December 31, 2009. Looking at the reported revenue for the NYM Dispatch contract revenue line, it was quite apparent that NYM had not paid anything for 2009.

So on February 27, 2010, Concerned Citizens wrote to Mayor Maciol requesting an explanation. Mayor Maciol wrote back to us:
Regarding our dispatch fees, you are correct that we have not yet paid for the 2009 services. As you know from your research, we have a year to year contract with the town. Before NYMills can pay for the service, we have to receive a contract from the town, I have to get village board approval in order for me to be authorized to sign the contract, and finally the contract/voucher can be processed for payment to the town. The most recent contract signed by Earle Reed and myself expired on 12/31/08. In the past years, we received the contract with a cover letter from either the town clerk, the dispatch supervisor, and/or the police chief. Also in the past, the contracts were sent to either or village clerk or village fire chief - which sometimes added some confusion coming from different town officials and forwarded to different village officials. The village board is aware of this matter and when we receive a contract from the town, the village board can vote to authorize me to sign it with payment to the town to follow. I hope that my response answers your questions on these two matters. If you need anything further, please contact me at anytime.
For anyone during the Reed administration to say they were unaware that Dispatch contracts were unsigned is laughable...for Earle to say he didn't know who was supposed to handle the billing of Dispatch fees is sad, but probably true.

By the way Earle, how's the weather on Jupiter...oops, we mean in Jupiter, Florida?


Anonymous said...

Earle Reed:

regarding the contracts:

“I have no idea,” he said. “I don’t know who would handle that.”

What a joke. Seem like any question that got asked during his tenure got an "I DUNNO"

Earle, did you remember to pay your mortgage on your Florida house?


Did You remember to brush your teeth before bed?


Did you put on clean underwear after your shower?


This is what happens when it's a popularity contest when electing local officials. Glad he's gone.

Anonymous said...

Hi Earle. How's the weather?

Don't rush back.