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Sunday, February 7, 2010

It is already starting...

...the beating of the drums giving us the Top 10 reasons why it would be detrimental to our well-being if we rely more heavily on sheriff or state police patrols in order to bring down the cost of our New Hartford Police Dept.

A Letter to the Editor in today's Observer Dispatch written by a NH Policeman alleges that the sheriff's department is dysfunctional and can't even handle simple contracts...perhaps the letter writer meant contracts like the private contracts at the Marquee Cinema that are subsidized by taxpayers. It's probably true, the Sheriff Dept. probably won't provide this service like NHPD least not for the same price and they probably don't have the overtime budget that the New Hartford Police Department has been given in the past either.

The writer warns fellow townspeople:
"...not to be fooled by the political rhetoric of Pat Tyksinski".
With all due respect, officer, we don't think Pat is merely talking; we think he means business.

Just for the record, the Town of Clay handled their consolidation with the Onondaga County Sheriff Department with no adverse effects on the safety of town residents and Clay actually has more retail development than New Hartford. In fact, there are still the same number of patrols in their town as before; but instead of being town police, they are sheriff patrols. By all accounts that we have read, the residents say they actually see the sheriff patrols more than they did their own town police patrols.

By the way, as far as we know, Supervisor Tyksinski isn't looking to entirely disband the police department and consolidate with the Oneida County Sheriff Dept.; he is merely looking to cut costs and that is not a bad thing.

In his letter, the writer also says:
"Personally, I would be happy to pay more than the 50 percent tax increase to maintain not only our police department but also every other service we enjoy."
We don't blame him for making that statement; although we are not sure that many other people would agree.

Let's give this letter writer the honor of being our first SNAFU of the year...just one of the many assessment SNAFUs in the Town of New Hartford.

Letter Writer's property

1,832 sq. ft. home; 2-stall attached garage; lot size 90 x 150; 3 bedrooms; 1-1/2 baths; partial basement; built 1951...assessed for $93,300 or $50.93 per sq. ft.

Compared to:

845 sq. ft. home; no garage; lot size 58 x 106; 3 bedrooms; 1 bath; slab basement; built 1951...assessed for $56,200 or $66.50 per sq. ft.

...ironically, they are both in the same Neighborhood Code [4817]; not because they are comparable homes, but rather because they have similar tax map numbers!

According to the 4817 neighborhood code description provided to us by the town assessor "most of the homes are in the $40,000 to $75,000 range".

Sure they are...except for the mansions off Genesee Street, the letter writer's home and several other homes that we have highlighted on our blog that are in the same "neighborhood" by virtue of their tax map number!

To the letter writer, be careful what you wish for...based on the assessed value of your home in relation to other homes that are truly comparable to yours, you SHOULD be paying more for the services you get!


Anonymous said...

This is why I love NH Online. "Pay 50% more", that's laughable!

Anonymous said...

The author of the OD letter ... is ... You guessed it, a NH cop!

Anonymous said...

He is just trying to keep his cushy job at the dtf intact. That along with the sex crime inv and warrants inv need to go. They are a complete waste. thats how ray took care of his boys.

Candy Man said...

Sex crimes???

The only ones I know of are those involving the NHPD and what they refused to investigate.

Does anyone recall the Alessi sex crime?

Chief Ray Philo refused to investigate. Why? Did it involve one of his own men?

Anonymous said...

You guys are really on the ball, I have to hand it to you. Hopefully someone has an explanation as to why pietrykas assessment is so low, Would be interesting to see if there is a trend for other town and former town employees (ray philo).Nice job brad, hows that foot taste ??

God Save the Queen said...

Rays is gone now and soon to be forgotten. Thank God for Utica College. They can have him and his antics.

Soon we shall see but a shell of an organization that became so bloated that it was about to burst.

Thanks God for Supervisor Tyksinski who will be using his scalpel to do major surgery in all town departments.

This should be a no-holds bar proposition. A little blood-letting now will stop the financial stress we are in now and will be for some time to come.

Consolidation is the key to our salvation.

New Hartford, N.Y. Online said...

The assessment debacle in some cases may be a result of favors given [and not necessarily to elected officials], but for the most part it is a direct result of Maxwell and the assessor using tax map numbers of properties to divide the town up into neighborhood codes.

If you remember back during the reassessment, you were told that the neighborhood code for your property was determined by grouping comparable homes. Then by using selling prices of those comparable homes they determined your assessment. That was a bunch of hooey...

We can prove that there was no rhyme or reason to the way the homes were assessed between 2002 to 2005. Even in 2005 when we were told that everyone was trended, we can prove that was not the case. Some people, like Earle Reed, have never had their assessment increased.

No one counted on the fact that one day someone would come along and be able to FOIL the assessment database on disk and analyze the contents. Unfortunately for the assessor, that day came about 6 years ago. Now the question is...what will the town do about it?

Reassessment is expensive and the town doesn't have the money right now.

Until there is a reassessment there will be some who are not paying their fair share while others are overpaying to make up the difference.

Alicia said...

I read on Topix that the Village of New York Mills is paying for the Town of New Hartford's 911 Call Center Operations - Four (4) Times.

Is this true?

No wonder we need consolidation.