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Sunday, February 28, 2010

Dispatchers, firefighters take aim at 911 plan...

...that's the headline on the article in Friday's Observer Dispatch.

The article is in reference to the paid ad taken out by the Joseph D. Corr Police Benevolent Association, Edwards Ambulance, Willowvale Fire Company, New Hartford Fire Department, New York Mills Fire Department, Whitesboro Fire Department, Yorkville Fire & Hose Company, and members of the New Hartford Central Dispatch Benevolent Association, Inc. The ad was run in the February 26, 27 & 28, 2010 Observer Dispatch.

Since the story appeared in the Observer Dispatch, numerous people have commented on our blog, on the Observer Dispatch comment section of the story and on Topix. Sadly, people who have voiced their opinion in favor of this consolidation have been called names by some of the commenters who hide behind their screen names.

We were going to do a blog on the paid advertisement sorting out fact from fiction; however, we have decided that enough has been said; New Hartford residents can see through the b/s. In general, it would appear that the taxpayers in New Hartford feel it is long overdue for the New Hartford Dispatch to be consolidated into the County 911 system.

In fact Police Chief Philo, representing the Law Enforcement Coalition in a 2005 press release, was quoted as saying:
...the potential for reducing costs and increasing safety make this a time when a new approach to consolidation should be studied.
Chief Philo went on to say:
Costs of operating a police agency are increasing faster and faster. Technology has great capabilities, but expensive technology is beyond the reach of many small communities, Philo said. The future is going to demand that law enforcement agencies become more sophisticated, more diverse in terms of the services they provide, and more technologically proficient to keep up with the information age generation of criminals. We need the right structure to work as a team, and this is an excellent opportunity to look at new ideas.
Right on Chief Philo...we are so glad that you agree! But that was in 2005...consolidation study time is it's time to do something about it!

Supervisor Tyksinski was quoted in the Observer Dispatch article as saying "the county deserves an apology". We agree.

One commenter on the Observer Dispatch article said:
"Again, call for a tour of the county center to actually see what we do."
Concerned Citizens is going to do exactly that. We will report back after our tour.

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