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Thursday, July 23, 2009

An Honest Mistake?

Today's article in the Observer Dispatch pretty much says it all regarding the New Hartford Business Park fiasco...New Hartford panel can’t approve business park plans.

Was it an honest mistake as Larry Adler stated in today's Observer Dispatch article:
Adler said the confusion had been “frustrating,” but that he believed any errors made were honest mistakes.

“I think it's a positive step, because it will bring more clarity to the process for all involved,” he said.
or was the town board in such a rush to find a way to keep the plans out of the public eye that Town Attorney Gerald Green failed to do his homework and ill-advised the town board and employees? What made the town board and the town attorney think that any discussion where the spending of taxpayer dollars is involved should or could be done behind closed doors?

According to the OD article:
Business Park developer Larry Adler, who attended the meeting, said he was mulling whether to initiate such a review himself.

“I'm just getting this letter today,” he said, adding that he would confer with others involved in the project before making a decision.
Think hard, Uncle Larry. Should you do the right thing and correct "the honest mistake" or continue trying to "get one by us"?

You this town board just a bunch of clowns or was this a carefully orchestrated plan to shanghai taxpayers leaving them to pick up the tab for infrastructure on private property owned by one of their "developer friends"?

For the record, here is the ...letter from the Department of State and is Jerome Donovan's email to the town board.


Anonymous said...

There is no mistake. They knew exactly where that building was going. It would be impossible not to know the business park boundaries. Did the architects,site designers, blue printers,and the lead contractor all make a mistake? Mr Adler pulled a fast one on everyone involved. No one ever checked until now. Now here we are with a PILOT and the Town is broke. What a sham!!

New Hartford, N.Y. Online said...

We agree; there was no mistake.

Strikeslip and Concerned Citizens presented the facts to the town board prior to the adoption of the PILOT; they chose to ignore us.

Ed Wiatr made a presentation to several members of the Oneida County Legislature; but they voted yes for the PILOT anyway.

We also had a meeting with Oneida County Legislator Jim D'Onofrio who represents part of New Hartford. We told him of the many problems that we found, but unfortunately he decided to vote yes for the PILOT to support the good ole boys.

Voters need to remember this come election time. If voters don't replace the good ole boys this time around, then they only have themselves to blame.