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Friday, June 12, 2009

Separating the wheat from the chaff...

According to an article in today's Observer Dispatch, New Hartford Politics heating up as election approaches....
Payne, who has his party’s endorsement for the First Ward seat, said he will continue to be committed to the success of the community.

“This administration has worked hard to maintain minimal tax increases from year to year (but) the past several years have made this very challenging with increased costs and reduction in revenue,” he said, referring to less sales tax revenue because of the sluggish economy.
Before making such an asinine statement, Councilman Payne should have taken a look at the Insanity... blog we wrote a few weeks ago.

Excuse us, Councilman Payne, what reduction in sales tax revenue are you talking about? The ACTUAL sales tax revenue received has been pretty steady...about $5 million a year.

The problem is that in 2007 and 2008 the town board budgeted for more than they could have expected to receive in a good economy and even though they didn't receive the budgeted amounts for those years, the board still over-anticipated 2009 sales tax revenue. And Councilman Payne, the sluggish economy started to really hit in the fourth quarter of 2008...before the budget was adopted! Guess budgeting isn't your forte either Councilman Payne. Besides the fact that you didn't do a very good job of overseeing taxpayer dollars, we note that you have missed 10 board meetings over the past 3 1/2 years. Not a very good track record...

Earle Reed wasn't the only one to drop the ball! Everyone of them dropped the ball...Councilman Payne, Councilman Woodland, Councilwoman Krupa and most of all Councilman Reynolds, the Deputy Town Supervisor who, truth be known, has actually been running the show!


Concerned said...

Are you telling me that Robert Payne has missed ten (10) meetings?


New Blood said...

Who is this new guy "Jim Messa?" He really looks like a very good prospect for the 1st Ward.

Town residents should give this young man an opportunity to be heard.

I would surely consider him as a strong contender for the upcoming election.

Greens and Beans said...

The New Hartford Town Supervisor and Town Council must be replaced. Any one of them ought to be too ashamed to even consider running for reelection. They have overestimating revenue, overspent tax dollars, violated the Open Meetings Law, misappropriated sewer improvement funds, too cozy dealings with certain developers, conducted dubious dealings with regards to constructing the New Hartford Town Business Park, hiring a Town Comptroller without even bothering to legally announce actually having a vacancy for the position, and the entire Town Board took part in treating “Concerned Citizens” as mortal enemies of the Town. How is this justification for Councilman Payne to “continue to be committed to the success of the community?” If this is the hallmark of an honest and ethical Town Board, then New Hartford is indeed in real serious trouble! The people of New Hartford deserve better. They should replace this government body before they wake up some morning to discover that their “successful community” is actually bankrupt.

Anonymous said...

Who is Jim Messa? Probably the same person using the "New Blood" alias.

Bob Payne has missed a dozen or more meetings.

Anonymous said...

And as for Woodland, the last few thing he said to the newspapers may have been the first he has ever said. You might as well put up a cardboard caricature.