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Sunday, June 7, 2009

Just because the town finances are in the toilet...

According to today's Observer Dispatch article, Heather Mowat, the newly hired financial advisor stated:
Mowat said it’s possible money that appears to be accumulating in accounts earmarked for the sewers should have been transferred to the highway account.

The sewer account is the only area where money has been accruing. In 2006, the sewer’s fund balance stood at about $685,000, and at the end of 2008 that number was $1.5 million.
Just one cotton-pickin' minute, Ms. Mowat, if the amount of money in the sewer fund is so high, then everyone who has been paying sewer tax on their Town bill each January has been paying too much. That being the case, we should all expect to see a major fee reduction next year or no sewer fees at all.

Ms. Mowat should know that not everyone pays sewer fees, and those that do should not be paying to make up shortfalls in the Highway Department! Ms. Mowat's statement makes one wonder where her loyalty lies and is exactly why the Town of New Hartford needs to bring in a person with no ties to the current administration. Someone like the State residents should insist on it.

We can take it one step further...some who have sewers don't pay the sewer maintenance fees because of "mistakes" in the assessment database. That means that those who do pay for sewers are already paying more than they should. Concerned Citizens approached the entire town board on that subject and spoke directly to Councilman David Reynolds and Councilman Richard Woodland. The town board and town employees are all aware of the problem, but obviously don't care or aren't able to comprehend the problem. Why should some residents who have sewers pay while others get their sewer maintenance for FREE?

Take for instance Applewood. How many homes are there located in that community? 400...maybe more. The owners of Applewood pay as if there was one (1) sewer hookup. One (1) hook-up, and there are actually 2 pump stations that serve Applewood and need to be maintained. Perhaps the Observer Dispatch should ask Roger Cleveland, the person in charge of the sewers while he was Highway Superintendent, just how that could have happened. How could it be that everyone else has been paying the tab for sewer maintenance in Applewood?

At any rate, those transfers from the sewer fund cannot be made except in an open meeting. Concerned Citizens will be watching very closely, you can count on that!


BigMac said...

Isn't Applewoods owner by a former Hew Hartford Supervisor? Himmmmmm I wonder How they got off so CHEAP It sure smells like a SEWER to me!

New Hartford, N.Y. Online said...


Actually, we believe you are thinking about Cherrywood that is owned by Ralph Humphreys. They are actually paying the correct amount for sewers.

The last we knew, Applewood is owned by John Barkett, a local developer. Gee, I wonder how Roger Cleveland could have made a "mistake" on the sewer charge for a local developer? Hmmm!

BigMac said...

I stand corrected! cherry wood is ok I wonder why Ralph didn't get in on the deal? apples cause more poop than cherry's!