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Friday, June 19, 2009

Councilman Payne's Energy Agenda trumped by Boilermaker Meeting???

Ward 1 Councilman Robert A. Payne, III seems to have diverted his energies to the Boilermaker race rather than Wednesday night's Special Town Board meeting called to approve the 2009-10 Town Insurance Policy Contract and the Project Development Agreement with Johnson Controls for an energy audit that would cost taxpayers $9,500 of unbudgeted funds.

This is the 12th town board meeting Councilman Payne has missed since taking office on January 1, 2006. Town Supervisor Earle Reed too, has missed a number of town board meetings and was absent at last night's town board meeting. Both Earle Reed and Councilman Payne III were in attendance at a Boilermaker Meeting. It appears that these two individuals have an agenda unto their own and it does not bode well for their inadequate representation of town residents and town business.

Since taking office Councilman Payne has been gung-ho about the need for energy savings in the Town of New Hartford.
March 15, 2006
Energy Management

Together with the Highway Superintendent and Parks and Recreation Director, Councilman Payne has been looking at energy management programs for the town.
...That was his reasoning behind closing the Kellogg Road Community save energy costs.

...That was the reasoning behind going ahead and bonding for lighting improvements in the New Hartford Recreation Center in 2008 even though the voters turned the bond resolution down when it was presented in the March 2007 bond vote.

Last night a representative from Johnson Controls made the trip from Syracuse to make a presentation to the town board for a third time in hopes of gaining town board approval for the signing of the Project Development Agreement. But, apparently, when Councilman Payne weighed his options, the Boilermaker race took precedence.

However, Councilwoman Krupa, to her credit, asked the questions that should have been asked by Councilman Payne in the first place.

Questions like...
$9,500, is this a budgeted item? Answer: No.
I thought your contract said the cost of the improvements would be $500,000, now you are sayng $300,000...
Given the fact that the payback will be over the next 20-25 years and the fact that the town is looking at a possible consolidation of town offices, is it smart to spend money for energy savings in buildings that the town may not own in 20 years?
The town board ended up tabling their decision. Kudos, Councilwoman Krupa! We are happy to see that you are finally asking questions instead of rubberstamping everything that the 3 Muskateers bring before the board.

By the way, Councilman Payne is 'running' for re-election in the September Republican Primary. Perhaps he should keep on running...right out of office!


Anonymous said...

Bye bye Bob I wont vote for you

Anonymous said...

Maybe we would be better off if they never showed up!!!!

New Hartford, N.Y. Online said...

We probably would be...

Anonymous said...

What in God's name are they doing entertaining anything with a 20 year payback? I work in the engineering field, private industry rarely even considers energy saving options that exceed 5 to 7 years. The fact is, 20 years out this "new" technology will be "old" technology. It will be "old" technology long before it pays for itself. I suspect the cost of the improvements were lowered from $500k to $300k to present a more favorable payback scenario. Frankly, the Trane Rep should have been laughed out of the building for even presenting something with a payback stretching out that far.

Ask each town board member if they would be willing to upgrade their home AC or heating systems if they were promised a 20 year or longer payback on the technology. Funny how when it's taxpayer's money the same evaluation rarely takes place.......

New Hartford, N.Y. Online said...

Actually, this is part of NYS Law, that might explain why 20 years. Does NYS or any government do things the way a taxpayer would?

Utica took part in the program in 2008. Remember when Utica City Hall was closed for 2 1/2 days because of asbestos in the air? A subcontractor of Johnson Controls "disturbed" some asbestos.

Johnson Controls...that's who New Hartford is dealing with. Wonder where NH got the idea?

Anonymous said...

Energy savings for what? Two old train stations, a concrete block police dept, a highway garage and some park pavilions. Who hired these people?