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Saturday, May 23, 2009

So just who...

has really been running the show for the past 3 1/2 years?

Earle Reed recently announced that he will not be running for re-election. Of course, that was right after the Observer Dispatch ran an article that the General Fund (the rainy day fund) is $2.6 million less than it was when Earle took office, leaving only $250,000 available at year end in 2008.

We have a copy of the 2008 financials that were filed with the State Comptrollers' Office and we will be blogging more about the contents of them soon. At any rate, we thought we should put some invoices out there so you can actually see for yourself who was making some of the executive decisions. It wasn't Earle...

Town Attorney Gerald Green was billing the town $150 an hour. The town even paid him $150 an hour to attend staff meetings and other meetings and telephone conferences with staff. He was even paid $150 an hour to decide whether or not Concerned Citizens would be allowed an answer to our FOIL requests (a determination that is supposed to be made by the Records Access Officer - Gail Wolanin Young). You will need Adobe 4.0 or later to view these files:

2006 Invoices
2007 Invoices
2008 Invoices
2009 Invoices (January and February only)

Frank Basile's CPA firm has been billing the town $150 an hour for his work and $80 an hour for an associate.
Sept. 2007 to Dec. 2007
Jan. to Dec. 2008
Amazing that it could cost taxpayers about $150,000 over the 16 month period of Mr. Basile's contract for "professional accounting services" and we now find out that the General Fund has basically been depleted. Further, according to a recent Observer Dispatch article, Councilwoman Krupa, an accountant and lawyer herself, stated that Frank Basile hasn't been ruled out to be hired as comptroller to figure out where the $2.6 million went.
Krupa said firm owner Frank Basile had not been called in for interviews.

“That doesn’t rule him out,” she said. “It just means we are looking for different ideas than we have used in the past.”
Wouldn't that be like throwing good money after bad?

Different ideas? Perhaps different people sitting around the table might be the answer starting with a new town board. Amazing how you can tell the Observer Dispatch on Tuesday that you will be holding interviews on Thursday (2 days later)...where did they advertise for the position? Perhaps Ms. Krupa might do best to read the town's Procurement Policy...the one mandated by Town Law.

Just what role did Earle Reed play? It was obvious if you attended any of the town board meetings. It wasn't Earle Reed calling all the shots. So just what will be accomplished by replacing Earle Reed with Pat Tyksinski when all the rest of the players will be the same?

1 comment:

clipper said...

Great job as usual Cathy. You are one hundred percent correct in your assumption that the WHOLE board, with few exceptions, needs to be replaced. It is not just Earle Reed, it is an entire Reed regime.

I applaude your efforts, along with Strikeslip's, in keeping the shovels handy and uncovering the dirty deeds that the NH board keeps attempting to bury.