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Thursday, May 21, 2009

The race is on....

Tonight, the New Hartford Republican Committee chose Pat Tyksinski as their candidate for Town Supervisor.

However, another viable contender has come forward; John Kalil.

Mr. Kalil is a newcomer to the political scene; exactly what this town needs. New Hartford needs someone who has the best interest of taxpayers in mind...someone who cares about the community and has no allegiance to the "good ole boys"!

According to an article in the Observer Dispatch:
Kalil, 38, is a financial adviser. He said he would consider running for the office despite not getting his party’s nod, and he may try to screen before other parties to see if they will back him.

“I would certainly be willing to run if others were willing to step forward in support of me,” he said.

Kalil said he would work to make the town’s budget process more open to the public, and would even seek to create a citizens’ budget committee.

He said he also wants to see more openness in town government in general.
Citizens' Budget Committee...budget process more open to the public...Open Government...What a concept!

Mr. Kalil, Concerned Citizens wants to talk to you and we ARE interested in supporting you; we will be in touch.


Anonymous said...

How can the Town Republican committee choose someone already? Why so hasty. Open and shut. They are endorsing more of the same old tired political has been. You mean to tell me that that that committee is that narrow minded to interview only 2 people. When did anyone have a chance to step forward?

New Hartford, N.Y. Online said...


They already had their picks before they met. Jerry Green, town attorney and chairman of the Republican Committee told a prospective candidate that "they are a close-knit group running the town".

Jerry Green wants to make sure that he keeps his town attorney hat. They also don't want any 'outsiders' to know how bad the town finances really are. We will be writing more on the subject soon. We just got a copy of the 2008 financials that the town submits to the State Comptroller each year.