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Wednesday, May 6, 2009

The more you know...

On page 37 of the May issue of the Town Crier is an article that was submitted by Edmund Wiatr, Co-Founder, Concerned Citizens for Honest & Open Government entitled "SCULLY Toxic Waste Dump Site – CLEAN-UP or COVER-UP?" Mr. Wiatr presents some facts that are contrary to information being given to the public by the town board, Lockheed Martin, and the D.E.C.; facts that Concerned Citizens can support with actual documentation we have received through diligent research and through Freedom of Information Law requests to the D.E.C., the E.P.A., and the NYS Health Department.

Concerned Citizens has been investigating the Scully Toxic Dump Site for some time now. We have old newspaper articles; we have talked to people in the area; and we have scoured old town board minutes.

Of particular interest is the town board minutes from a meeting held at the New Hartford Central School on Oxford Road dated Wednesday, April 8, 1987. This meeting was held to give residents a chance to voice their concerns and to ask questions of officials in attendance (all officials at this meeting are listed at the beginning of the minutes). Here is a copy of those minutes...16 pages long! We have highlighted some of the more important parts in yellow.

The 1987 minutes state that:
Once the clean-up is completed, there is a long-term monitoring program normally at this point for thirty (30) years.
This ties in with the email dated March 3, 2008, that former Highway Superintendent Roger Cleveland sent to all town board members, the town planner and the town engineer:
This matter has been going on for a number of years now, and if memory serves me right, remediation of this site will continue for another 50 years.
Yet at the February 25, 2009 Town Board Meeting Lockheed Martin representatives and the D.E.C. state:
The Scully site cleanup occurred throughout 2008 and will be finished in the first part of 2009. The “old” soil has been replaced with certified new soil.
We have proof that the "old" soil was not removed off-site; it was merely moved to one side of the "site" and then used to fill the hole back up!

Further, according to the February 25, 2009 town board minutes:
Answering Councilman Reynolds' inquiry about what the land could now be used for, Mr. Blackman replied that it could be used to build homes.
Homes???? As in "Welcome to New Hartford!"????

The April 8, 1987 minutes also include information regarding the dump site on Chenango Road where the town is planning to build a park with sports fields and where the extension of the Rayhill Trail is planned. As evidenced by invoices submitted to the town by Town Attorney Green, the town is already planning "behind the scenes" and it's "full speed ahead" to develop this area.

To quote from the 1987 town board minutes regarding the Chenango site:
County Legislator John Collins inquired of Frank Chudzinski [a resident of Campion Road at the time of the 1987 meeting] whether the DOT was still dumping hazardous wastes at the Chenango Road site and Mr. Chudzinski responded, "I don't know; I stopped going over there. Do you know where the old railroad bridge is that's been abandoned? The minute you cross over on the side of the Creek where the State (DOT) building is, right down over the bank, right there, in that corner, is where they were dumping those big drums. There were a lot of them there two years ago and when I saw all that gook in there, I quit going over there fishing and this is something that DEC should know about."
The town knows exactly where that old railroad bridge is because they plan on putting a new bridge over it as part of the Rayhill Trail extension.

The 1987 minutes go on further to say regarding the dump on Chenango Road:
The time of operation was until 1965. Again, the generator of wastes, we believe, was General Electric...We did some surface soil sampling on the site and two of the sampling sites did show abnormally high levels, that is above background levels, of copper, chromium, lead, mercury and zinc."
According to the February 25, 2009 town board meeting, that site is still being worked on.

Concerned Citizens encourages everyone to read the entire 16 pages of the 1987 town board minutes; particularly if you live in the Valley View Road area or have any connection with the playing fields on Campion Road, the proposed park behind the Highway Garage or the proposed Rayhill Trail extension into NYM.

We will be continuing this blog...we have so much information that it is overwhelming...Stay tuned!


Anonymous said...

All one has to do is walk the creek bank and the culverts. Bring your camera. No need for studies, it speaks for itself

Anonymous said...

My oh my. Those 16 pages were quite interesting. We heard from bureaus, departments, committees, officials etc etc and no one seemed to take the charge. Study and study but it seemed like the best information came from the people who witnessed the dumping. But the State seemed to pass the buck back to the bureaus, agencies, etc etc. People were looking for answers or at least precautionary ones and got a commitment from no one. I believe it is of the best interest to reconvene those people who lived there and see how this has affected there lives. I would like to know how many people who have worked in the NYS Dot and the Sanger building who have contracted a cancer form in the last 30-35 years. That would be the study to make right now.

just thinking said...

That is just up hill of the reservoir off Valley Veiw Road, how much toxins went into the reservoir for people to drink?
What has the MVWA had to say about this?!?