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Friday, April 24, 2009

Not so fast Town Supervisor Earle C. Reed...

Three (3) questions Concerned Citizens would like answered...

1. If according to reports in the Observer Dispatch:
When an O-D reporter arrived Wednesday evening’s meeting after it already had begun, the outside doors to the building still were locked. Reed later said that was an oversight.
How come no one stayed behind to lock the doors after the conclusion of the town board meeting? Instead the town officials and the town attorney just left the building through the back doors...the same doors that were locked during the town board meeting and are designated as the entry point for people wishing to attend town meetings. Was it just an "oversight" that they never bothered to see if the doors were locked before they left or did they know darn well that they were because they never unlocked them in the first place?

2. After the town board meeting on Wednesday April 22, 2009 all the town officials including the Town Attorney left the building in a hurry. Mr. Wiatr, Ms. Lawrence and the OD reporter were left in the building alone as Mr. Wiatr finished picking up his video equipment. It is very clear on the audio recording that Ms. Lawrence was the one to turn out the lights. If Mr. Wiatr is such a threat to town employees, why didn't one of the town officials or the town attorney wait to make sure that Mr. Wiatr left the building? Was it just an "oversight" that they never stayed to see that no one, particularly Mr. Wiatr, was left in the building after the end of the board meeting?

3. If Ms. Fancett was "was deeply upset" because of Mr. Wiatr, how come she walked up to Mr. Wiatr prior to the April 22, 2009 town board meeting to hand him a copy of the agenda instead of making him go up to the Town Clerk's table to get one for himself? We videotaped the's right there on the video recording. Was that just an "oversight" on Ms. Fancett's part?

By the way, let's look at some of the people who were in that executive session:

Robert C. Payne, III....Town Councilman and member of the NH Republican Committee

David Reynolds....Town Councilman, Deputy Town Supervisor and member of the NH Republican Committee

Christine Krupa...Town Councilwoman and member of the NH Republican Committee

Gerald Green...Town Attorney as well as member and chair of the NH Republican Committee

Laughter could be heard by everyone that was outside the closed doors of the executive session...even the OD reporter heard the laughter. Was this an executive session because of a serious threat to town employees or a meeting of the New Hartford Republican Committee trying to find a way to keep Concerned Citizens at bay?

Didn't we just read in the Observer Dispatch that the New Hartford Republican Committee would be meeting sometime in May and inviting people to screen for town supervisor...Earle Reed's slot; Ward 3 councilman...Dave Reynolds' slot; and Ward 1 councilman...Robert Payne's slot? Good luck to anyone who screens for the Republican endorsement!

Be sure to read Strikeslip's blog, A SLAPP in New Hartford???...the answers to these questions become crystal clear!

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