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Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Crossing the line...

Tonight, members of Concerned Citizens were locked out of Butler Hall and told by a town employee that they could not enter until 15 minutes prior to the town board meeting because the town needed time to set-up. Town officials and employees were allowed inside, but members of Concerned Citizens were told to stay out in the chilly weather.

After we were allowed entrance to Butler Hall, Mr. Wiatr, Co-Founder of Concerned Citizens approached Supervisor Reed before the meeting began and Supervisor Reed made some accusations and threatened Mr. Wiatr that he was going to the District Attorney in the morning. Mr. Wiatr was also told that we were submitting too many Freedom of Information requests and the town will have to hire another person to handle them.

After the Town Board Meeting, Cathy Lawrence, Co-Founder of Concerned Citizens, questioned Supervisor Reed regarding the locking of the doors to keep us out and Supervisor Reed said...the girls were just nervous because they never had to unlock the doors before and it will never happen again. That explanation doesn't pass the litmus test because one of the "girls" was the Deputy Town Clerk who is present at every board meeting and is well-acquainted with Concerned Citizens.

Until tonight, the doors have been unlocked when we arrive or if the doors were locked, we have been allowed to enter as soon as someone with a key arrives; usually no later 5:30 p.m. The members of Concerned Citizens who were in attendance are well-known by town employees. Letting us in has never been an issue. In fact, there has always been casual talk between town officials, town employees and Concerned Citizens prior to the start of the town board meetings.

If we were locked out tonight by the order of Supervisor Reed, and we suspect we were, then Supervisor Reed owes Concerned Citizens an apology. If we were locked out because the Deputy Town Clerk did so on her own, then she should be reprimanded.

There is something drastically wrong with a town government that feels they have the authority to lock any citizen out of a town board meeting "until they say so".

Supervisor Reed, perhaps you would be better off spending your time working to resolve the Notice of Claim recently filed against the town by Concerned Citizens regarding the illegal payment of overtime to Ms. Fairbrother. Your demeanor tonight was rivalled only by your demeanor in previous town board meetings. Town residents and taxpayers deserve better!

Supervisor Reed, if it's getting too hot in the kitchen, then...


Aristotle said...

Doesn't Earle Reed run with Scott McNamara, Michael Arcuri, Anthony Picente?

Perhaps, Mr. McNamara should start indicting New Hartford Town Officials for all the misuse and/or illegal expenditure of funds made by town officials?

I do recall that when a woman who appeared before the New Hartford Town Board, a Mrs. Alessi...Chief Raymond Philo refused to discipline the police officer that was alleged to have been stalking her?

Also, Earle Reed at the next town board meeting stated, "I have spoken to my good friend, the D.A. Scott McNamara and we will not be having any problems with that lady anymore?

Who is kidding whom? Scott McNamara should be investigating and prosecuting Earle Reed and his entire crew.

Greens and Beans said...

The behavior of the Town Officials screams volumes about their possibly covering up something. Even the local newspaper appears to be aware of the offbeat corrupt-like behavior of the Town and the School District in New Hartford.

Greed is a powerful sin.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Reed has certainly "Crossed the Line." But he did so a long time ago. Ask him about some of the personal statements (SLANDER) that he was spewing at a recent event about Cathy and Ed. Anyone there heard the statements.

New Hartford, N.Y. Online said...

As my mother always taught me...sticks and stones can break my bones, but words can never hurt me.

Actually funny you should write because I just sent an email to Supervisor Reed and the Town Attorney letting them know that I was aware of the vicious gossip he has been spreading around town. I am well aware that Supervisor Reed has been trying to discredit our group, and in particular Ed & me for a long time now...he even tried to get my husband fired a couple of years ago when I first started the blog.

Personally, I think Supervisor Reed is just jealous because he can't spend as much time with me as Ed does!