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Monday, February 2, 2009

'Special' Voting Machines for Feb. 10 Special Election...

(Click on picture to view a larger image.)


Greens and Beans said...

New Hartford voters are dammed if we do and dammed if we don’t. Supervisor Earle Reed and company (include the New Hartford Central School District) has backed us into a financial corner. Pay now or pay even more later. Saving jobs is one thing, but this could/should have been done without bankrupting the Town.

New Hartford, N.Y. Online said...

Greens and Beans,

The best thing that taxpayers can do is to vote "NO" on Feb. 10. BANs are good for up to five (5) years so Earle can just take out another one.

Earle Reed, Bob Payne and David Reynolds are all up for re-election in November 2009. We need to get rid of them and elect people who are willing to think about the taxpayers and who will try to dig us out of this hole.

To vote "YES" will only encourage the present Town Board to continue spending.

They have already said they are planning another Special Election in March for approval to purchase 19 Campion Road for town courts and some town offices.

The $2.9 million that are hoping to get voter approval on Feb. 10 so they can turn the BANs into long-term debt won't even finish paying for the rest of the "promises" made to the developer.

They still need to straighten the corner of Woods Hwy and Seneca Turnpike, pay DOT for the temporary traffic light they put up and replace it with a permanent traffic light.

Then there is the access to 840 that they promised Larry Adler. Supposedly Dr. Costello's office building and the hotel will not be built until there is access. I believe the last time we spoke to DOT last Fall, they were estimating it would cost about $3 million if the intersection was to be built. Where is the town going to get an extra $3 million and probably more since the economy seems to be tanking.

Anonymous said...

While I agree with development of the Business Park in principal, I'll be voting no because of the way past and current officials handled this from the get go. When I attended some of these meetings I was struck with how arrogant some of our elected officials acted. I left the meeting feeling the deal was already done before it started. Well now it's my turn and I say lets take a step back and please get your hand off my wallet for the time being. I don't mind giving but I hate when my money is taken without my consent.

I agree with you NH Online, lets wait until the election and see what the future brings. The willy nilly spending of the current gang needs a reality check. Usually when you build something you have the funds in place to pay for it, at least that's how I've always done business. Rome wasn't built in a day and neither should the NH Business Park.