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Sunday, February 8, 2009

Please Mr. Reed you're killing us...LOL

This is a joke, right Supervisor Reed? Headlines in today's Observer Dispatch Good deal gone bad: Business park developer runs into obstacles over stoplight plan.

At least the OD article answers the question in our previous blog. The hotel and doctors' office were supposed to be built by Fall 2008; then supposedly Spring 2009; when will it really happen?? looks like it might not happen at all unless Larry Adler can get access to Route 840.

Yet on Tuesday, Feb. 10th, Supervisor Reed and the town board are asking voters to approve extending the maturity of a $2.9 million bond resolution from 5 to 15 years to pay for ..."costs of the construction of improvements to the New Hartford Business Park, including Woods Highway and surrounding areas located in or near the New Hartford Business park, including the Seneca Turnpike/Woods highway intersection realignment with traffic signal; Woods Highway reconstruction; Woods Highway extension; Route 840 intersection-Right-in/Right-out or other suitable connection; other additional road construction, public utility improvements, land acquisition or rights-in-land, sidewalks, curbs, gutters, landscaping, grading or improving rights-of-way, as well as related improvements and expenses in connection therewith, which does not take effect until a proposition for the approval thereof has been approved at a special election by the qualified electors of said Town...

Folks the operative words are "DOES NOT take effect UNTIL a proposition for the approval thereof HAS BEEN APPROVED at a special election by the qualified electors of said Town..."

Supervisor Reed is quoted in today's OD article "I have mixed feelings, quite frankly. I've listened to a ton of people that have been very much against the intersection, and I haven't heard a lot of people in favor of it".

Hmmm! Probably if Supervisor Reed had held public hearings to discuss the whole concept BEFORE he borrowed money, he might have heard a lot of people against the intersection. But Supervisor Reed wasn't interested in hearing anything negative about the business park plans. Instead, he and the town board chose to "shove it down our throats".

The sad part is that $2.9 million is only the "tip of the iceberg" as far as the funding that will be required to finish the work in the business park...the unfortunate part is that the town has already borrowed $1.4 million in short-term bond anticipation notes to pay Fred Burrows Trucking for work already completed in the business park. The town board approved short-term financing so they didn't have to let taxpayers in on the plans. (see our Guest Editorial Town Bonding Procedure Undermined Voters in last week's Sunday paper). By the way if you haven't read Supervisor Reed's Guest Editorial...New Hartford referendum approval will help grow town.

Hmmm! Special Election Tues. Feb. approve $2.9 bond for New Hartford Business Park...

Just say "NO" on Tuesday, Feb. 10!! Force Supervisor Reed to go back to the drawing board and maybe this time involve the public...


Woofie said...

Earle Reed speaks with "forked" tongue. He will always go with those who are in the minority.

There is no Democracy in Earle Reed's world. After all, he is the Emperor and now is an ASS! But we already knew that. His recent award only confirms our previous suspicions.

Anonymous said...

That trophy doesn't really do him justice. How's this one?

Keep up the good work here!