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Sunday, January 25, 2009

February 10, 2009 Special Election

Emperor Reed says, "Vote 'yes' or face a tax increase!!!"

Might be time to vote 'NO' and tell the Emperor...

Don't miss Strikeslip's post over at Fault Lines...Vote "Yes"...or Take a Hike?

1 comment:

smallbizguy said...

How about a sweetheart deal for me PLEASE...Pretty Please???
ouch...this deal stings even more as I struggle after 25years in NH, to keep up with my taxes here in good ol NH. As a small business here in NH, I get nothing from the town except my tax bill twice a year. I cleared brush on adjoining town property that was obstructing a corner last year, and was told by the Highway Sup. the town would not remove the brush even though I did this so no one would get killed coming around the corner on my road.I paid to have it removed.
I guess I need to go to Earles fundraisers or send the party some money, and then maybe I might be a "somebody" in NH, and my business will have a chance to survive.