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Tuesday, November 11, 2008

November 12 Public Hearing cancelled...

At the November 5, 2008 Town Board meeting, the Town Board passed a resolution to cancel the November 12, 2008 Public Hearing that was scheduled to amend the Town of New Hartford Code by adding chapter 117 entitled "Water Service Local Law". The reason given was to address the Sitrin Home institutional water rate.

We have a copy of the law as it was initially proposed. As soon as the changes regarding the Sitrin Home have been made and a new Public Hearing is scheduled, we will post the information on our blog.


Strikeslip said...

Hmm . . . Since when does the TOWN have its OWN water supply system??? And maintained by the MVWA at that (I'm sure that the people in Utica like paying to maintain a town owned system). This is a new one on me. Where is the Town's DEC water supply permit if it does?

I smell special deals for special people.

Thanks for posting this.

Greens and Beans said...

Thank you “New Hartford, NY Online” for another insightful post.

I too am having difficulty in terms of wondering why the Town of New Hartford desires to get into the water business. Notwithstanding the fact, that the New Hartford political leadership’s dubious past of skirting regulations, I try to follow the profit factor with decisions of this nature, what would be the advantage for the New Hartford taxpayers to place another costly layer of government to administer their water utility? Why are we trying to fix what is NOT broken? Could this be an attempt to gain an unreasonable advantage over fellow governments served by the Mohawk Valley Water Authority? Strikeslip has a valid point when stating that there is a poignant “smell” associated with this proposed ordinance.

Anonymous said...

What is Jerry Green up to now!