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Sunday, October 26, 2008

Stormwater Meeting...

Tomorrow evening, Monday, October 27, 2008 at 5:30 p.m., New Hartford Library in the Sammon Room.



Anonymous said...

Looks like 21 people owe a huge thanks and debt of gratitude to you guys for sticking up for them when their leaders wanted them to be shut out!

Keep up the good work.

Anonymous said...

I would say 21 people is a small number compared the effort this blog put into "opening" the meetings. Out of the 21 people how many were the NH online posse,film crew and audio crew. On to the next injustice.

Anonymous said...

Wow, at least they're doing something to put an end to the corruption. If you bothered to even go to the meeting instead of armchair quarterbacking behind a keyboard, you'd realize that all of them had legitimate stormwater problems that the committee was not aware of or chose to ignore for rich fatsos like yourself.

What have YOU done to stop the corruption? Just what I thought, NOTHING! Shut up and DO something already!

Attendee said...

Anonymous #2:

Obviously, you did not attend the meeting, however, I did.

Perhaps, you should make an effort to attend these meetings. This is what Open Government is all about.

Your note of sarcasm is typical of an attitude that exists with individuals who prefer to be Monday morning quarterbacks.

Anonymous #2: said...

What I do is vote. And not fall for a "business man" who was handed down a company created by Dad.

If I wanted to go the meetings I would go to meeting, not a circus event with a grandstanding ring leader with a camera.

I think this blog dose some great investigating it’s the tactics they use the bothers me.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, you do NOTHING! If you bothered to show up, you'd realize how big of an idiot you sound. The only grandstanding are the idiots who call themselves town "leaders." If you're not part of the solution, i.e. this blog, you're part of the problem.

It's clear you fail to grasp the simplest of facts relating to town politics. But that's ok. You have a constitutional right to be stupid!

Anonymous said...

This is an open message to Don Backman (I won't use Mr. because he doesn't qualify to me as a man). I love the way you took the opportunity to blast the current water project when you had MULTIPLE chances to correct the problem as my council person. You and the peas and corn guy Humphries didn't want to take the bull by the horns. We(our neighborhood) went through all your political B S and were left out in the cold. Now you want to act like a concerned taxpaying citizen? You're a phony and in the future should keep you mouth shut when someone is trying to rectify the mess you created. Come to a meeting Don and don't be a coward by going to the OD.....