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Thursday, October 9, 2008

Damn the torpedoes...full speed ahead!

Town Supervisor Earle Reed called a Special Town Board Meeting on Tuesday, October 7, 2008 to discuss the PILOT agreement for The Hartford.

Many people in attendance were disgusted that little notice was given of this meeting. It was apparent by the size of the room reserved at the New Hartford Library that Supervisor Reed neither expected or wanted a large crowd.

Also scheduled for about the same time that evening was a school board meeting in regards to their role in the PILOT agreement and a New Hartford Village Zoning Board meeting for a zoning variance at 19 Campion Road, a building that is already not in codes; the same building the Town of New Hartford wants to purchase for three (3) new courts, holding cells, etc. and town offices. Amazing that all these meetings could be scheduled for the same time, almost like it was planned that way. We will be blogging and providing videotapes shortly.

Right now, we will just leave you with one little anecdote regarding the "special" town board meeting at the New Hartford Library.

At that "special" town board meeting, many people who live in the area of the New Hartford Business Park, spoke out about the possible problems that might result as 600 or more employees of The Hartford use the intersection of Route 5 and Woods Highway every morning and evening to get to and from work. One person asked what happened to the plan to build a road through the land owned by Mr. Yager, owner of Twin Orchards. Town Supervisor Reed replied that at the moment the Yagers do not wish to entertain the offer to purchase more of their land so that a road could be built. Actually, believe us, it is more like the owners of Twin Orchards don't wish to entertain ANY MORE offers from the Town of New Hartford at this point...PERIOD!

A gentleman sitting next to Cathy Lawrence, Co-founder of Concerned Citizens, mumbled..."then use eminent domain".

Ms. Lawrence, recognizing who the gentleman was, looked at him with complete disdain and asked..."who do you represent?" The man sort of smiled and seemed a little uneasy, but was silent.

Who was the gentleman sitting next to Ms. Lawrence? None other than County Legislator Jim D'Onofrio, the same gentleman mentioned in the October 8, 2008 Observer Dispatch article:
"The county Legislature will likely approve the measure when it votes Oct. 15, said Legislature Majority Leader Jim D'Onofrio, R-New Hartford, who attended the meeting."
If you remember, we blogged about Mr. D'Onofrio a while back when he was videotaped saying he hates listening to himself. Wake up New Hartford...let him know how you feel about what he has to say!


Anonymous said...

Doesn't the Town of New Hartford have to publish a legal notice in the local newspaper BEFORE they hold a PUBLIC Hearing?

New Hartford, N.Y. Online said...

Yes, they do need to publish a legal notice before they hold a public hearing.

However, we asked the question at the meeting and according to Town Attorney Gerald Green, this wasn't a public hearing; it was a Special Town Board Meeting. There was little notice given and the meeting clearly not in keeping with the Open Meetings is clear that they do not want any public input because they don't care what the taxpayers want. They are intent on doing what they want and what the developer wants and apparently has been promised.

The whole meeting was a farce; it was held merely so Earle Reed could say that they had an open discussion on the PILOT program for The Hartford.

Concerned Citizens contends that since this PILOT has been changed so many times, by law, they need to hold a public hearing BEFORE they approve the current PILOT program.

But alas, we regret that it has already been approved by the Town Board and nothing more will happen unless enough people make their voices heard.

If anyone hasn't driven on Rte. 840 in the vicinity of The Hartford lately, they should. We currently seem to have a road to nowhere that has recently been built...don't believe them when they say that the intersection is "off the table".