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Sunday, October 26, 2008

Anonymous comment...

We've been holding on to this comment to our blog for a couple of weeks...from Anonymous (unedited...exactly as it was sent to us)
"I read Mr. Donovan's e-mail. It makes me wonder if NH On-line did? He called on the town board to open storm water management meetings to the public. As for Preswick Glen, he championed that matter and to date has been proven correct. His "rants" as you discribe them, which I have also read, lay out the case against the Preswick Glen tax exemption. Do I detect some eney? I don't understand why NH On-line attacks someone who supports their position and is willing to challenge town officials. Enough of the personal attacks. Stick with the facts and more folks will take NH On-line more seriously." - Anonymous
Anonymous, we read Mr. Donovan's letter...however, you missed the point of our blog.

Perhaps if Mr. Donovan chose to address the town board asking them to open the meetings because it is the law, we might have had a different opinion of his thoughts on the subject. However, to berate our organization in order to persuade the town board to open the meetings is disingenuous on the part of Mr. Donovan.

To quote Mr. Donovan:
"I can appreciate the frustration caused by a small group of self-appointed community activists who often distort and personalize issues, but by shutting out all taxpayers we let them win by portraying the town board in a less than favorable light."
It would appear that Mr. Donovan couldn't have cared less about whether or not the meetings were open. If he did, why didn't he attend a town board meeting and openly state his concerns just as he did regarding Preswick Glen? Instead, Mr. Donovan chose to send this email to a select few town board members and the town attorney. It would appear that Mr. Donovan was more worried that Concerned Citizens might give others a reason to question the actions of the current town board. Concerned Citizens doesn't need to go out of their way to portray the town board in a less than favorable light...they do that all by themselves. The town attorney was actually called into a Stormwater Meeting to provide a justification to the Committee for closing the meetings and ignoring the Open Meetings Law.

As far as Mr. Donovan's rants, we were referring to the speeches regarding Preswick Glen he made at several town board meetings; obviously Anonymous was not in attendance at those meetings, we were. Even though we felt on several occasions, Mr. Donovan was out of line when he addressed the previous town board, we still put his opinions on our website when Mr. Donovan came to us; we did so because we believe that everyone has a right to state their opinion regardless of how we feel. By the way, the jury is still out as far as the outcome of the Preswick Glen case.

One last thing, Anonymous, Mr. Donovan didn't "challenge" the town board to open the stormwater meetings, Concerned Citizens challenged the town board by filing a Notice of Claim.


Anonymous said...

Jerry "James Bond" Donovan likes to play both sides like the double-naught Jethro he is. Too bad he got caught red handed and now you know too.

Most people know him for what he is - a back slapping glad-hander that keeps his knife close to stick in when the occasion requires it.

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately most politicians are straight forward. Even the ones that mean well seem to think that they need to play the old game in order to keep their "status."

I can see anonymous' point, but from another angle. Being an optimist, and not knowing Donovan personally, maybe he actually does agree with Concerned Citizens but knew that he needed to make the Board feel like it was "their decision" in order to open up. Not defending him but it does seem like a baby step forward.

You'd be surprised how many people actually feel disgusted about the way things are run all around here. But they never had anyone willing to stand up for them if they questioned things. There are a few new people in the game that are steadfast in their quest to change things, and slowly others are starting to see that change is not so bad. Others are even starting to speak out more too. I say we need to try to bring some of them in instead of turning them away, and leaving them with no other option than to turn to the protectors of the status quo.

Just my two cents from over here. Keep up the good work!

Anonymous said...

Crossed paths with Donavan a few times and he seems to be a fair person. Currently, he's the only town official asking the tough questions for the residents of NH. Remember a knife in the right hands (surgeon)can help people in need.

I wish he would get involved in the loud sucking sound emanating from the giant giveaway on Woods Rd.

Prediction(off topic)- We will witness some of the worst traffic back ups on Seneca Trpk. next month that will rival Commercial Dr. during Black Friday. We should make mandatory all officials responsible for this mess to direct traffic in dark clothing this winter.

swimmy said...

Jerome wrote, "I can appreciate the frustration caused by a small group of community activists who often distort and personalize issues, but by shutting out all taxpayers we let them win..." (emphasis added).

I interpret that to mean he certainly understands and supports the notion of shutting out this small group of community activists, but not the rest of the taxpayers. And he's not supporting the idea that the law compels those meetings to be open, but to open them to prevent this group from claiming a victory over corruption. Quite a different argument than the one put forth by this group.

I think it's insulting to rely on a group to advance your own efforts and then back stab it when it suits you. Yes, he supports opening up the meetings, but not for the reasons those meetings should be open to the public.

But, that is a secondary point that misses the big picture. To focus on that alone and ignore the rest of the blog is interesting...