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Wednesday, October 1, 2008

$2 million Stormwater Bond Money is...

just about gone!

If you live other than the Oxford/Tibbitts/Kellogg/Woodberry Road area or the Brantwood/Bradley Road area of will more than likely not see any work done on your stormwater problem with this $2 million. As of yet, even if you live in those areas, you probably haven't seen any work done.

Concerned Citizens FOILed all stormwater emails, meeting minutes, etc. from Highway Superintendent Roger Cleveland. We found a lot of interesting items that we will start sharing with you.

One of the documents was a DRAFT Bond Status Report (dated Sept. 9, 2008) for the $2 million stormwater bond that was voted for in March 2007.

When all projects that are currently planned are finished, all that will be left of the $2,000,000 bond will be $32,282. That leaves a lot of people with a stormwater problem that isn't going to be corrected any time soon. And, according to Roger Cleveland at the meetings that were held last Spring regarding the projects in the Oxford Road/Tibbitts/Kellogg/Woodberry Road area (see "Stormwater Meetings" under Labels to the right of this blog for tapes of the meetings), the flooding there won't be totally solved; they only hope to alleviate some of the problems so the flooding won't be as severe...that's the part they left out of their "spiel" when they were looking for your "yes" vote in March 2007. Now, all we are left with is the debt!

People it's time to start voting with your head instead of your heart.

p.s. Concerned Citizens was successful in seeing to it that Stormwater Committee meetings are now open to the public...more information to follow in our next blog!

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