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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

While You Were Sleeping...Part 3

We will end with Part 3 by looking at one more statement in the "Official Statement" that was prepared for the sale of $5,576,800 Bond Anticipation Notes in the Town of New Hartford.

According to page 8, under the topic...Authorized But Unissued Items:
The Town has no other capital project plans authorized nor are any additional capital projects comtemplated at this time.
No other capital project plans authorized is true, but none comtemplated?

Odd, isn't the town planning on bonding for the $3 million intersection on 840...the promise that was made to The Hartford?

What about the new court and town offices? Didn't we hear at the last town board meeting that there will be a town meeting in October to discuss the plans for that project? I believe that Joe Yagey said that the town should be in the new offices by year-end; absent any problems.

What about the parks that are supposedly planned according to the Observer Dispatch?

Who wrote this "Official Statement"? Obviously, they didn't know much about the Town of New Hartford...or was the problem more like what the writer, who we assume to be Orrick, Herrington & Sutcliffe, LLP, Bond Counsel, was told by our elected officials?

Is it legal to make incorrect statements on an "official" document? We won't even mention the fact that the $2.9 million Bond Anticipation Note to build the roads in the New Hartford Business Park was unanimously approved by the entire Town Board without permissive illegal issue all on its own.

Wake Up New Hartford!

Video courtesy of Video From Pictures

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