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Monday, September 22, 2008

We couldn't agree more...

Strikeslip. Supporting School Selfishness.

Mr. Gilligan is merely looking for a way to help Earle Reed get all his "wants" then in turn Earle Reed will help Mr. Gilligan get the proposed bus garage on the BOCES complex (Mr. Gilligan's "wants") and Letter of Credit Guy, Mr. Larry Adler, brings up the rear by "donating" a landlocked piece of property to build that bus garage on to insure that he gets what he "wants", i.e. the New Hartford Business Park development at taxpayer expense. Quid pro quo.

Once a TIF area is created, it becomes a hungry giant and the only way to feed it is with more taxpayer dollars. We suspect that Par Technology is waiting in the wings to be the next company that will move out of the area if it were not for Steve DiMeo, Oneida County Industrial Development Agency, and his "magic wand".

If you haven't listened to the "emergency" meeting at the Dept. Of Transportation, here it is again. Mr. Gilligan seems to have all the answers and even tells Cathy Lawrence from Concerned Citizens that schools can participate in Tax Increment Financing when she poses the question to him. However, it is illegal for a school to participate in Tax Increment Financing (TIF). In NYS, a town, a county and even a village can participate, but schools can not legally participate according to General Municipal and Eduction Law.

Of course, a minor thing like a legality never seemed to bother the "town players" before.

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