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Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Town Board Meeting tomorrow...

Wednesday, September 10, 2008 is the next town board meeting.

On the agenda are two (2) public hearings. We will blog more on that later today.

Also on the agenda, N. Joseph Yagey, former chair of the Planning Board, will be giving on update on the new Town Offices and Sedgwick Stormwater Improvements.

A lot going on at this meeting. Here is the agenda!

Oh, by the way...not on the agenda, but to be discussed at this town board meeting is the FOIL appeal that was submitted by Cathy Lawrence on behalf of Concerned Citizens. Seems there are some discrepancies as to whether or not there are any signed agreements for the New Hartford Business Park. Our FOIL request for any and all signed agreements was denied because we were told that "none exist". However, at the "emergency meeting" some people at the table seemed to think they do indeed exist. Concerned Citizens has asked to have a certification from Supervisor Reed (which according to the Freedom of Information Law we are entitled to ask for) that no such agreements exist or for him to produce the signed agreements. Will Town Supervisor Reed swear to the fact that no signed agreements exist?

Stay tuned...

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