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Monday, September 22, 2008

Spinning wheel...

The New Hartford Town Board has already spent money for improvements in a private development...they have illegally extended water lines, and extended sewer lines to a private development without any public input.

In April 2008, the town board unanimously authorized a $2.9 million Bond Anticipation Note without permissive referendum...they are diverting $500,000 of other developers' Fees In Lieu of Mitigation to cover some of the costs of this private development while not requiring the New Hartford Business Park developer, Larry Adler, to put in a dime of Fees In Lieu of Mitigation money himself.

Now all the town board has to do is figure out how to use our school tax dollars to finance this non-educational project because without that money, they will have to place the burden of repaying the debt on the taxpayers in New Hartford.

The problem is that using school tax revenue to fund a private development is illegal...General Municipal Law 970 does not allow schools to participate in Tax Increment Financing (TIF) and there is no specific provision under the NYS Education Law granting schools the authority to participate in a Tax Increment Financing plan to finance a non-school purpose.

Bottom line, the town board, Dan Gilligan and Steve DiMeo can call the "financing" plan anything they want, but if they use school tax dollars for a non-educational purpose, it is illegal, plain and simple!

November 2007 - Final Authorizing Resolution - PILOT only November 7, 2007 OCIDA minutes (see page 2)

Jan. 2008 - Presentation at New Hartford Central School - PILOT/TIF

March 2008 - Tax Increment Financing (TIF) - No PILOT March 27, 2008 OCIDA minutes

Just where will it end...?


Anonymous said...

I've gotten to the point of saying "so what" to all of this deceitful town business. The only solution is an investigation from NYS but sadly there seems to be NO hope of that hapening. I guess the town has us all by the.....!

Anonymous said...

This is a question more than a comment...I've been reading the bloggs for a while, is there no state or federal check on this to make sure the law is followed. I can't believe no one is checking, are the facts accurate? If so the state and or federal Gov is just as much at fault...How can it be stopped???Don't say vote there are more have's than have not's in NH they get what and who they want...

Greens and Beans said...

I have also wondered where the State and Federal authorities are on this economic development scam. I’ve been patiently awaiting for the New York State Attorney General’s Investigators to arrive with State Troopers or the FBI arriving to raid the New Hartford Town, Oneida County EDGE, BOCES and the New Hartford Central School District offices. Then I thought that the State and Federal governments must realize that this area’s economy is so pathetic that they choose to look the other way and let the taxpayers be fleeced by their own governments . . . AGAIN!

PLEASE . . . Next time THINK before you vote!