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Sunday, September 28, 2008

The Ross Cause...

Well said Strikeslip! A bad neighbor, and a Government In Default

The Ross family has been communicating with Concerned Citizens for several months regarding their situation. The Whitestown Town Board and their Attorney are arrogant and have done nothing to help these residents.

Attorney Schmitt was obnoxious regarding our FOIL request and appeal for an electronic copy of the Shumaker Engineering report regarding the Ross flooding problems. What did he think he was protecting?

To Attorney Schmitt, addressed in the same manner in which he addressed us at the September 17, 2008 Town Board meeting...
Sir, your first mistake was in assuming that we could not provide the Ross family with an electronic copy of the Shumaker report. Joke is on you, Attorney Schmitt, we have software that takes a pdf file and converts it to a Word document; even a pdf file that has been password protected. We didn't really need an electronic copy from the town...we were merely exercising our right to obtain an electronic copy through the FOIL process.

Your second mistake was in the Opinion Letter from Robert Freeman you used to justify the town's position. The opinion you used was ridiculous and had nothing to do with our appeal. You merely proved what we already knew; the Town of Whitestown definitely has something to hide!
Concerned Citizens has provided the Ross family with an electronic copy of the report.

As we have said before, between New Hartford and Whitestown, there is plenty of arrogance to go around!

We encourage everyone to visit the The Ross Cause.


The Ross Family said...

Well said! Schmitt's behavior toward you as well as the Ross family has continuously been out of line and clearly uncalled for. His lack of professionalism is uncanny - does he really think he's doing himself and the Town any favors with his behavior?

Anonymous said...

To Concerned Citizens - The taxpayer's of this area owe you dearly for the time and effort you put into protecting them. You have empowered me to become involved and fight for my rights .. I no longer fear "city hall". Perhaps Whitestown should pay attention to some causes CC have gotten involved with in NH. Is it just coincidence that a "voluntary resignation" followed one of your investigations. I encourage everyone who reads this to get involved and refuse to accept arrogance from Official's who you are paying.

I spent some time Sunday afternoon reading the Ross Cause. I don't understand the technical aspects, but why all the secrecy from the Town if they have nothing to hide???

CC and the Ross' - my support goes out to you - give'em what they have coming...

New Hartford, N.Y. Online said...

Thank you.

If we all work together, we can make a change. It is time for the people to speak up and let these politicians know that we will not take it anymore!

The Ross Family said...

to anonymous and to Concerned Citizens...

we second the THANK YOU to concerned citizens for your generous work and help on our behalf...we don't know what we'd do without you!

and you're right, anonymous...why all the secrecy?? well...we know's a massive CYA effort, at a minimum.