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Saturday, September 27, 2008

19 Campion Road...ask me no questions and I will tell you no lies!

Legal Notice in the Thursday, September 25, 2008 Observer Dispatch:
Village of New Hartford Zoning Board of Appeals will hold a public hearing on Tuesday, October 7, 2008, at 7:30 p.m. at Butler Memorial Hall, 48 Genesee St., New Hartford, NY 13413. The Zoning Board will be reviewing the following (2) applications.
(1) Mark Dembrow.....(see link above to legal notice for specifics)
(2) Vincent Papandrea 19 Campion Road is requesting a 1' side and 1' rear area variance to erect an addition to the building on an existing pad. Village Code requires 25' rear and 25' side allowance in the M-1 zone.
Plans are available for review in the Village Office Monday through Friday from 8 am until 4 pm.
The Public is invited to attend or send written comments before or at the public hearing.
The Town of New Hartford is looking at 19 Campion Road for the proposed new court and town offices. a 1 foot clearance between buildings on one side and also the rear of a building (in other words, 2 of 4 exposures) intended to house several offices and be occupied by many people when court is in session a smart thing? Doesn't leave much space for a person, like say a fireman, to get through if it were to be necessary.

Rear of building...concrete is where the addition will be...28 ft long across the rear of the buidling starting on the side of the building toward Madden Concrete. i.e. behind the open door.

right side of building if standing on Campion Road.

Concerned Citizens decided to visit the Village offices to look at the plans. While we were there, we asked a few questions. We wanted to know if there has ever been any other time when the owner of 19 Campion Road has come before the Planning or Zoning Board or if any building permits had been issued...say in 2005. Janet Durr, Village Clerk, said she didn't think so, but she would look for us.

Concerned Citizens asked for a copy of the Application for Building, Zoning and Demolition Permit that was filed on September 8, 2008. It is interesting to note in the cover letter sent to Mr. Terrance Martin, Codes Officer for the Village of New Hartford, Edward LaBarge of Butterfield Commercial Properties stated that:
In 2005, the owners removed a larger addition, leaving an existing pad in the rear of the property. We are proposing building a smaller addition on the existing pad to facilitate 3 rooftop hearing units for the building.
Hmmm! Let's see the dimensions shown on the architectural drawing done by Alesia and Cromwell (isn't Alesia a Village Trustee?) shows a 10' x 28' addition to be built in the rear of the building. So with a 1' setback variance that they are requesting, that would mean that right now there is only an 11' setback...code for a M-1 zoning is 25'. That means that the building is not even in compliance with codes now?!!! And actually, we are not even sure if the concrete pad can be left there without a variance.

Having lived in this area for many years, we realize that the building has been there for a long time and at the time it was built there probably were no zoning laws in place so the building was "grandfathered", but usually when you make any changes to the footprint of a building the "grandfather" clause no longer applies. If the owners removed a larger addition and rebuilt all but the 10' remaining pad, wouldn't they have needed to appear before the zoning board of appeals and received a variance in 2005? Maybe Ms. Durr has found that zoning board document for us...we will stop back next week to find out!

We were also wondering why there would not be a building permit with all the extensive work that was done in 2005. At first Ms. Durr said that all the work was done inside the building in 2005, but after we disagreed and pointed out all the changes to the building, Ms. Durr later said that you don't have to get a permit for any work to a structure in the Village if you are zoned M-1.

Amazing...guess you don't have to worry about being reassessed if you are zoned M-1 in the Village either.

We encourge anyone who is interested to visit the Village to see the plans and/or plan to attend the meeting on Tuesday evening.


Anonymous said...

The September 8, 2008 letter to Terrence Martin, Codes Officer talks about three Hearing Rooms?

What type of Hearing Rooms are they talking about?

If I were a betting person, I would be pretty sure that the Applicant (Realty Company) is doing the Town of New Hartford's "bidding" even though the Town has NO LEGAL RIGHT to enter into or make suggestions to the owner of 19 Campion Road.

How can the Town of New Hartford entertain building modifications to a building they do not even own?

New Hartford, N.Y. Online said...


If we were betting people, we would assume that the owner is going to do the remodelling and then the town will sign a lease.

swimmy said...

That or the owner will "donate" the property.

If I recall, 2 courtrooms would be one for Van Slyke and the other for billy. The third is more of a "ceremonial" court room.

MadSpartan said...

Fear as a tool. Almost all oppression via propaganda is based upon scaring people, and then presenting a false choice where the people can choose either to do what you want them to do, or face some unknown (often purely fictional) horror. This is not the method of the common thug, which can be summarized as "do this or I will hurt you." A successful modern day tyrant never presents himself as the thing to be afraid of, as doing so would obviously create resentment and hatred in the citizens, and that leads to resistance.

Every "Things To Be Feared" (or "TTBF") with which you terrorize your citizens must be presented as some seperate, "outside" evil that only you can save them from.

Self-serving beaurecrats in the town of New Hartford such as Mr. Yagey, Mr. Virkler, Mr. Philo and Mr. Reed know damn well how the game is played, by clamourously presenting to the public a endless series of menacing hobgoblins, all of them imaginary, to keep the populace alarmed and hence be led to safety, only if their proposals are accepted.

Several years ago Mr. Yagey and others were clamouring that unless a water supply tank was constructed in the Cul de Sac of one of New Hartford's upscale developments the town would suffer, and development would cease. Even though a more suitable alternative was available that would not potentially impact the homeowner's property values. To the credit of many activist citizens, the proposal was defeated.

Citizens should be cognizant of these insidious tactics and understand that governments on every level very seldom have the people's best interest at heart. These fear tactics or "TTBF's" are just another way of fleecing the taxpayers out of their hard earned dollars.

With our current economic malaise it's more important than ever to hold the line and learn to live under rigid fiscal constraints, no matter what the excuse is to do otherwise. Unless of course, it can be clearly and factually demonstrated, that by not doing so it would cause loss of life or destruction of property, on a level that would without doubt, compromise public safety.

The citizens of New Hartford must stand resolute againt any proposal(s) which cannot "directly","clearly", and "factually" be demonstated to benefit them. Not simply just taking the word of the so called public servants.