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Tuesday, August 19, 2008

The Town of Whitestown apparently subscribes to...

the same "Family and Friends Plan" as the Town of New Hartford.

The Ross family resides on Cross Street in the Village of Yorkville, Town of Whitestown. Their property abuts the Holy Trinity Cemetery.

In 2001, the Holy Trinity Cemetery undertook a construction project which cleared several acres of their property. The project was approved by the Whitestown Planning Board.

Shortly after the start of construction, the Ross’ began to experience ponding water in their yard after some rainfall events. In the 25+ years that the Ross’ resided on Cross Street prior to this Project, these problems were never experienced. These ponding problems have continued to this day. Not coincidental, significant foundation damage has occurred at the Ross’ residence over the past several years.

In the summer of 2002, the Ross’ began communicating their concerns to Town Officials. Despite obvious non-compliant construction at the Cemetery, Town Officials chose to take no enforcement action.

In the spring of 2008, after years of Town inaction, the Ross' filed a formal complaint with the Town.
In response to our complaint, the Town Board directed their "independent" Town Engineer (SHUMAKER ENGINEERING) to evaluate our complaint and prepare a response. SHUMAKER ENGINEERING did so, and concluded that the Whitestown Planning Board acted properly in 2001, and that neither the Cemetery nor Town is responsible for these problems.
In 2001, Mr. Karl Schrantz was the Chairman of the [Town of Whitestown] Planning Board that approved the Cemetery project. Mr. Schrantz is now the Engineering Manager of SHUMAKER ENGINEERING, the "independent" engineer that the Town Board retained to evaluate the Planning Board’s 2001 approval. Mr. Schrantz is also the Engineer-of-Record who prepared the response to our complaint; at no time does he disclose this conflict-of-interest.
Did the Town Board not see the inappropriateness in retaining the Ex-Chairman of the Planning Board, who approved this project, to evaluate the approval issued by his very own Board?
For the rest of the story, be sure to read The Ross Cause.

By the way, what company gets paid to prepare all the stormwater studies in the Town of New Hartford, has been working with Highway Superintendent Roger Cleveland to "fix" the stormwater issues using the $2 million bond money and has been retained by the County of Oneida to work on the DEC Consent Order?

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I would like to see Mr. Larry Tanoury investigate the following: Why is Shumaker Engineering getting all of the work in the County of Oneida and too, the Town of New Hartford and Town of Whitestown?

Are they the only Engineering Firm in town?