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Saturday, August 23, 2008

Stop the clock!!!!!

Finally, the New Hartford Employees' Union contracts have been given to Concerned Citizens after several FOIL requests!

Even though the contract was approved by the New Hartford School Board on January 8, 2008, the contract was not signed by both parties until August 12, 2008. According to Robert Nole, soon to be District Superintendent Robert Nole, the employees were already being paid under the new contract even before the contract was signed. What took so long for the signatures and what were they still negotiating up until August 12th? How a school district can pay under a contract that has yet to be signed is perplexing.

For clarification, you will note that Appendix C of the contract is not signed. Concerned Citizens wrote to Ms. Greico, NHCS Records Officer and questioned as to whether that part was still being negotiated or if it was an oversight. We received a letter back from Robert Nole assuring us that Appendix C is a valid part of the contract. Apparently, Mr. Nole is psychic because he answered our letter before we even asked. His letter is dated August 8th in answer to our August 14th inquiry. Oops! Concerned Citizens looks forward to working with Robert Nole and we will take him up on his invitation to call or email him anytime we have a question. Congratulations, Bob on your new appointment!

You can view the signed New Hartford Employees' Union contract here; to view all the current NHCS contracts including the Employees' Union, Teachers' Contract and Superintendent Dan Gilligan's contract, click here.

p.s. Actually we are not really stopping the clock because we haven't received a copy of the COMPLETE school budget. We have received a 7 page summary budget that they are claiming to be the complete budget, but who reading this believes that the entire NHCS operates using a 7 page budget? We will be calling soon, Bob!

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