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Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Political Harassment or Just Plain Stupidity...

According to the article in the August 14, 2008 Observer Dispatch:
"...There will be two public hearings at the board’s Sept. 10 meeting. The first will discuss creating a no parking zone along the east side of Oneida Street between Kellogg Road and Mallory Road. Councilman Robert Payne said parked cars in the area create poor visibility for resident’s pulling out of their driveways."
For those that don't know, Robert A. Payne, III is the councilman for Ward 1...Ward 1 just happens to cover the Oneida St., Kellogg Road, Mallory Road area; the area that is the subject of the public hearing.

Councilman Payne obviously needs a compass and road map. It is true that Mallory Road is on the east side of Oneida Street; however, Kellogg Road is on the west side...actually it is Chapman Road that is on the east side of Oneida Street. Therefore, it is impossible for a NO PARKING zone to be on the east side of Oneida Street between Mallory and Kellogg Road.

Next, on the east side of Oneida Street at the corner of CHAPMAN ROAD, is McDonald's. In order to park on Oneida Street in front of McDonald's one would either have to park in the driving lane or "jump the curb". Next to McDonald's is the U.S. Post likewise would require either parking in the driving lane or over the curb. Next to that is the Better Covenant Church and then there is Creekside. We find it hard to believe that parking is a problem in this area.

Next to McDonald's, the Post Office, the church, and Creekside, there are three homes; one home has two driveways and one of the other homes has a fire hydrant in front of it. Is there really a problem in that area? Councilman Payne just so you can familiarize yourself with the area that you supposedly serve, Concerned Citizens made a slide show of the EAST side of Oneida Street (you can view the individual pictures or choose "slideshow" above the first picture...hit escape to stop the slideshow).

It seemed rather odd that Roger Cleveland quickly mentioned the topic at the last Town Board meeting without any discussion. Who requested the NO PARKING signs? Has the police chief had patrols monitoring the area to determine if the problem really exists and needs to be corrected by enacting a Local Law? We attend every town board meeting and this is the first we have heard of it. Residents in Chadwicks have requested NO PARKING signs several times, how come they haven't been able to get signs in front of their homes. The whole thing just didn't pass the "smell test" so Concerned Citizens went to the town clerk's office to get a copy of Local Law Introductory "D" of 2008; the proposed new law.

According to the copy of the proposed law that the town clerk provided to us, the proposed NO PARKING area is on the WEST side of Oneida Street between 3871 Oneida Street to the northerly edge of the driveway into Garden Homes Mobile Home Park. Hey...isn't that the opposite side of Oneida Street from Mallory Road...opposite the side that Councilman Payne told the Observer Dispatch is the problem area?

Concerned Citizens made a slide show of the west side of Oneida Street (hit escape to stop the slideshow) using the information on the copy of the proposed law that the town clerk gave us. There are a couple of businesses and a couple of apartment houses in that section but we don't see a corner. The law that the town clerk gave us clearly says:
Corner of what?

Is Councilman Payne just confused? Shame on you Councilman Payne if you don't know the area you are supposedly representing. Or is this is a case of political harassment? Could it be that Councilman Payne has a problem with someone who owns a business on the west side of Oneida Street and this will be a case of a town law being passed by using a "bait and switch" tactic at the public hearing. Double shame on you Councilman Payne if that is the game you are playing!

By the way, we don't seem to see any cars parked on the east side of Oneida Street or for that matter on the west side of Oneida Street in the areas that are targeted.

UPDATE: There was a small correction at the bottom of the Local Section on Friday, August 15, 2008. The question still remains, if complaints were filed regarding "parked cars in the area create poor visibility for resident’s pulling out of their driveways", how come Councilman Payne didn't even know the area in question particularly when it is the area he represents on the Town Board? Was he not included in the decision making before the law was proposed? Is this a unilateral decision made by Highway Superintendent Roger Cleveland and a buddy of his? The next question, just who is complaining or is anyone even complaining about parked cars in that area. Concerned Citizens thinks it is political harassment, but time will tell. Wonder who will show up at the Public Hearing in support of the NO PARKING law. Obviously, if it is that big of a deal someone should show up in support, right? I bet we can name the person...maybe __ Smith?


Rebecca said...

You're right. That area of Washington Mills is my main drag, and I have never, ever, seen any cars parked from McDonald's to Mallory Road. Not ever, that I can recall. And for the opposite side of the street, I don't think I've seen cars parked there, either... maybe there have been some at the tailor shop next to the trailer park entrance, but there is no parking problem in that area.

I do wish they would address the horrible parking and litter problems in the Chadwicks area.

New Hartford, N.Y. Online said...


There have been residents from Chadwicks at town board meetings complaining about people who park on the sidewalks and asking for no parking signs in Chadwicks and nothing gets done.

The passage of this particular law is clearly a case of political harassment aimed at one particular property owner.

King Timahoe said...

Run these people out of officethats all. No judge jury, the hell with them. These people come up for election and now enogh people are seeing what they do with their time.


I hope they don't bring this thing to NH. It might end up on eBay.

Anonymous said...

I would rather Mr Payne take a look at the intersection at Kellogg, Chapman, Oneida. For people who need to cross the street it is nearly impossible. There are no cross walks, no crossing lights, not handicapped accessable and people constantly not stopping and turning right on red and left arrows to deal with Why is this? This is a real issue.
Mr. Payne I challange you to cross the street sometime. Let us know how you make out.

As for the parking is there a track record of accidents? Only difficulty maybe be if someone parks at the house near the exit of the trailer park, then you may have to creep out. Don't waste time and money on this ridiculous thought. Look at bigger pictures.