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Saturday, August 30, 2008


You may have noticed that in the Local section of today's Observer Dispatch there was a legal notice announcing the time and place of a Public Hearing for the proposed "NO PARKING ANYTIME" sign in front of 5 parcels on the west side of Oneida Street:
Please take further notice that a Public Hearing upon said Local Law Introductory will be held at the Kellogg Road Community Center Building, New Hartford, NY on the 10th day of September, 2008 at 6:00 P.M...
Since we last blogged about the NO PARKING ANYTIME sign in front of 5 parcels on Oneida Street in Washington Mills, we have been doing a little investigating. We were concerned about the fact that Councilman Robert Payne, the town board representative from that area didn't seem to know what side of the street was involved or for that matter, he didn't even know what streets were on which side. It just didn't make any sense that the Ward 1 Councilman couldn't even talk intelligently about a proposed law for the Ward he represents so we sent a FOIL request to the Town Clerk on August 21, 2008:
I would like to FOIL from all town board members (to include the Town Supervisor), the Town Highway Superintendent and the Police Chief any correspondence, emails, phone records, or anything that exists regarding the need for NO PARKING signs on the west side of Oneida Street in reference to the need for Local Law Introductory "D" of 2008 to amend the Code of the Town of New Hartford, Chapter 113 entitled VEHICLES AND TRAFFIC by adding a portion of Oneida Street to Section 113-45. Schedule XI: Parking Prohibited at All times.
Today, we received an email response to our FOIL request from the Town Clerk:

The Police Chief and Board members have no records. I am awaiting the Highway Superintendent's response.

Gail Wolanin Young
This is amazing, the town board is holding a Public Hearing to amend a Local Law and yet no one on the Town Board or even the Police Chief has any emails or correspondence to justify the need for a NO PARKING sign?!! It would appear that we were correct when we questioned whether Highway Superintendent Roger Cleveland was proposing this law for a specific reason (political harassment) on behalf of one of his "friends" who seems to have an axe to grind with one of the owners of property in that area of Oneida Street.

Since when is Mr. Cleveland suppose to propose an amendment to a law without any involvement of the town board; for that matter why wasn't the Police Chief involved in the decision? Why is the Town Board authorizing a legal notice stating that "the New Hartford Town Board has introduced a local law designated Local Law Introductory "D" of 2008..." when not even one member of the town board has any documentation to support the need for the law? Something is very wrong in the Town of New Hartford!

We want to add that since the last board meeting when Highway Superintendent Roger Cleveland announced it was necessary to have a Public Hearing on the proposed new law, we have taken the time to drive in the area in question just to see if there is a problem; varying the time of day that we drove over Oneida Street. Guess what...not once did we see anyone parking in the area of the proposed sign. This is clearly a Town Board and Highway Superintendent out of control!

It will be interesting to see how many of them vote "aye" in support of a law they have no documentation to support why it is being proposed.

You know, a couple of members of Concerned Citizens were strolling along Genesee Street tonight and they reported that they heard some noise coming from the direction of Butler Hall. It is unknown exactly what office it was coming from, but it appeared to be from the upper floor of Butler Hall...

If you missed our first blog on this proposed new law, you can read it here. We even provided pictures of the proposed NO PARKING ANYTIME sign.


Anonymous said...

I used Oneida St From Roberts Rd to Chapman Rd this week from 8am-2pm Monday and again from 6am-4pm Wednesday.Did not have to alter my lane once..I did see a couple of cars parked well off the road past the shoulders, it did not cause any harship...what's up???

New Hartford, N.Y. Online said...

Roger Cleveland would have everyone believe that there are cars parked along the road making it difficult for people on Oneida Street to safely back out of their driveways.

We noticed the same thing as you...some cars were parked well off the shoulder of the road...the NO PARKING signs wouldn't prevent that because the law only can apply to the town right-of-way.