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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

A cover-up in the Town of New Hartford...say it isn't so!

If you missed the July 9, 2008 Town Board meeting and didn't listen to the videotape of the meeting that Concerned Citizens made available, then you missed a resident complaint regarding the New Hartford Police Dept. Here is the portion of the meeting regarding the complaint.

The resident sent a letter "restricted delivery" to Police Chief Philo. Chief Philo refused to accept the letter so the D.A. suggested that the resident send one to Town Supervisor Reed. Supervisor Reed signed for the letter on June 20, 2008, but as of the July 9, 2008 Town Board meeting, Supervisor Reed had not acknowledged the resident complaint. At the July 9, 2008 town board meeting, Supervisor Reed did his best to "shut-up" the resident, but she objected and continued on with her story.

Apparently, the resident has been stalked for the past two years and the New Hartford Police Dept. has done nothing about it; not even responding to her calls for an interview. The resident stated that she attended the July 9, 2008 on the advice of the D.A., but the town board told her that they were only laymen and she would need to talk to the Police Commission. The Police Commission...John Shaw, Jim Spellman, Patrick Cardinale, Kevin Copeland, Janet they are anything more than laymen!

Supervisor Reed ended the conversation with the resident by saying that the D.A. is a friend of his and he would talk to him, but not until the middle of the next week because Supervisor Reed was tied up with the Boilermaker.

Why would the Town Supervisor, the entire Town Board and the Chief of Police treat any resident in this manner? There is only one answer...because the stalker is either a "friend" of the town board, a elected official or a New Hartford Policeman.

Part 2 will be online tomorrow. Stay tuned...


Mrs Mecomber said...

Notice how Reed kept saying he "knows" people and will go talk to them. BIG DEAL whether you "know" someone or not!! Do your job and quit trying to cover your butt! Boy, this makes me so upset!

And it matters not whether anyone is a layman-- you, the Town Board, cannot go to the Chief of Police and tell him to do his job?! How can that possibly be a pure "legal" matter?

I'm very interested to know who this stalker is. I'm very interested to see how this issue comes out. Because I know for a fact that this is not a "single" issue.

Great job getting this video up.

And funny-- how very odd-- maybe I missed something?-- I don't remember seeing this reported in the OD, do you?

Anonymous said...

What an arrogant little prick! He did say that the DA has it wrong. I'd be delighted to write Scott McNamara a letter to find out what happened and why nothing is going on.

New Hartford, N.Y. Online said...

Mrs. Mecomber,

You haven't seen anything yet. Wait until we post the next two videos. You will be able to listen to Earle Reed tell us that "we won't be hearing from Deborah again". Wonder what he meant by that!

New Hartford, N.Y. Online said...


Whatever is going on you can be sure that it will be well-hidden from the public eye.

Stay tuned for Part 2 and Part 3!

Anonymous said...

when are you people going to learn that philo is a slimebag ?? He does what he wants when he wants and none of these patsy's ever question him. No Balls Government

Anonymous said...

That is absolutely pathetic. This girl is seeking help from our Police and is refused ?? I can't understand why she is getting treated like this ? Why did philo refuse her letter ? is he so arrogant that he chooses as to when he enforces the law ?? This board is a total disgrace.

Anonymous said...

"We won't be hearing from her again" lol.... Probably means that the hitman that was hired to kill her has finally hit his target. Watch this video closely, because she's probably a goner.
Central NY sucks people... Leave this place and find greener pastures. Even the government (which you pay excessive amount of taxes to) doesn't care about you. Move to the south... at least the town boards over there will tell you how much you have to bribe them in order to get something done.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps the "stalker" is Mr. Reed himself given his well known reputation for hitting on women regardless of their marital status.

MadSpartan said...

Knowing Earl Reed's reputation for hitting on women, married or not. It would not suprise me that this old dried up pompous idiot IS the stalker.