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Friday, July 11, 2008

With a million here..a million a million...

there a million...everywhere a million.

According to an article in the Observer Dispatch:
Plans to build a bridge and interchange along state Route 840 have hit a snag. The estimated cost of the proposed bridge that would serve a new business park and proposed school transportation center has risen by more than $2 million. The reason: National Grid power lines are in the way and would have to be moved, officials said Wednesday.
According to Earle Reed, Town of New Hartford Supervisor:

“We need the bridge.”
Excuse us, but who did the Town of New Hartford use to develop the initial cost estimates? Didn't they visit the site where the bridge was to be can you miss Niagara Mohawk Power lines?

And how about this quote from the same article?

Lawrence Adler, the developer of the business park, said access to state Route 840 was part of the deal with The Hartford, which will open in November.

“A bridge would be a real victory for the region,” he said.
A victory for the region? The fact that taxpayers are financing the building of the roads in your development, water lines for the residents of Woods Highway (and now supposedly a bridge) sounds more like a victory to you, Mr. Adler.

To her credit, RoAnn Destito certainly made a good's about time someone starts thinking about the taxpayers.

According to the Observer Dispatch,
"Destito, who said her preference would be a bridge, called for public involvement in the decision-making process because of the costs involved.

“It needs to be made in the public domain,” she said. “There have not been any discussions or public meetings.”
RoAnn, my dear, public involvement is the last thing Earle Reed and Company want to have happen. Haven't you been reading our blog. They will go to any extreme, including but not limited to illegal measures to be sure that they get what they want.

On the other hand, all Joe Griffo could say is,

State Sen. Joseph Griffo, R-Rome, said some action is needed. “We need to be sensitive to the needs of the business park and the consolidation project,” Griffo said. “But I also recognize there could be an impediment to the traffic flow.”
Senator Griffo, if you want to be in a "sensitive" mood, how about being sensitive to the taxpayers?

The article further states that,

The Hartford insurance company will become the first major tenant, shifting jobs from an existing building in the town.
Well, there's some real progress, shifting jobs from an existing building that is assessed for $4.5 million (occupied) to a "new building' about a mile away where the tax revenue will not help offset school, town or county budgets for the next 15 years. And what if there is not a "taker" to purchase or lease the building that The Hartford is currently occupying? More lost tax revenue...just how low will that $4.5 million assessment go?

By the way, our sources tell us that the bridge isn't the only project in the Town of New Hartford where the costs have exceeded the initial estimates by a few million.

Stay tuned...and keep your wallets handy!


Anonymous said...

I will bet that Earle Reed has some "friends" at Niagara Mohawk that will help him out (wink, wink). Earle seems to have "friends" everywhere else.

No loss for Niagara Mohawk...they can always pass the costs along to their customers, can't they?

swimmy said...

If the hartford wants a bridge then the hartford better pay for it!

New Hartford, N.Y. Online said...


We agree. It wouldn't hurt if Larry Adler did his part too.

Here is how it usually works. The developer pays to build the "needed" road(s) for his development that must be built according to town specifications, the town has the developer pay to test the road to make sure that it meets specs, then the developer dedicates the road to the town. Thereafter, the town maintains the road.

Except, of course, unless the developer is one of the "in" people. Then all bets are off the table. That's when Earle Reed counts on his other "friends"...the taxpayers!

Isn't everything in New Hartford just wonderful!!!!

Anonymous said...

Did they think of any of this BEFORE they started building this place? I though there was gonna be improvements to Woods Road for this park.

How is the contractor getting in there now? Levitating everything?

I have seen the NYSDOT snooping around there the last week or so. Measuring, digging and surveying. long to the Town of NH try's to buy or rent the old Hartford Building? Hmmmmmm

Typical Newtaxford antics. NH needs a new slogan....


New Hartford, N.Y. Online said...


We believe there is a road from the business park out to Woods Highway that has recently been put in. We believe the problem is that the intersection of Route 5 and Woods Highway cannot handle the volume of traffic that will be generated once The Hartford moves to the Business Park. Apparently, they were so anxious to get this business park going before the public could comment that they made promises to The Hartford that they are now having a hard time fulfilling.

Actually, we believe that under Earle Reed's regime New Hartford already has a new slogan..."if you aren't one of the "in" people or at least willing to pay whatever taxes we decide to levy on you, don't let the door hit you in the ass on your way out of town"!

We think it is called "elitism". Now there is a topic for your blog!

Anonymous said...

About a year ago I replied to a blog about the Hartford leaving the town if they did't get the tax relief they were looking for. My reply was something like see u later, think we should have let them go, whats the diff free taxes for them or no tax revenue for us. Thought I was wright then still do. This whole bus. park is a farce..

Anonymous said...

LOL I love it.

Yeah, I've been seriously lacking on my NH Blog. Think i'll get drunk tonight and take care of it. :-P

New Hartford, N.Y. Online said...

"This whole bus. park is a farce.."


We agree with you. If the taxpayers in New Hartford only knew just how much debt has been incurred since Earle Reed came to town...

Everyone will find out soon though because we heard they are planning another bond proposal in September 2008 so they can pay back some of the Bond Anticipation Notes that they so love to use so that the people have no say in the spending.

Stay tuned!

Friends of Dan Gilligan said...

You forgot to mention School Superintendent Dan Gilligan's quote in the Observer Dispatch:

"Schools Superintendent Daniel Gilligan, who has been pushing for the bridge that would also connect the business park with a proposed shared transport facility behind the Oneida-Herkimer-Madison BOCES campus, said some action must be taken."

"If we can find the money for the bridge, then do not build the intersection," he said. "The bridge is worth waiting for as long as it is coming. All we are hoping for is some assurance. If the bridge is never built, you are better off with the intersection.

Perhaps your readers need to be reminded that he is NOT a New Hartford School District taxpayer thus he does not even [remotely] come close to being what is called a "stakeholder" in the literal sense of this word. Gilligan needs to be painted as one who just loves to use taxpayer monies as long as it is NOT HIS OWN!

Here's to you, Danny Boy!

Anonymous said...

I love you guys! The point you made needs underlining. THIS expense seems to be a foregone conclusion with the original Hartford deal?

And who says Dan G doesn't have a stake in the game? He seems to have a whole tent!

I really hope NH is listening to youguys because it doesn't seem like government is. What ever happened to the confiscated license plates? Why didn't THAT ever hit the virgin pages of the OD?

UticaSux said...

Sounds like Earle Greed and Dan have a "bridge to sell you"!

New Hartford, N.Y. Online said...

Earle Reed's term is up in 2009. His right and left hand men, Councilmen Dave Reynolds and Bob Payne, will also be in the running in 2009. And let's not forget Highway Superintendent Roger Cleveland. Rumor has it that he will not seek re-election; his term is up in 2009 too.

2009 should be interesting. Can't wait to hear about all the "positive" they have brought to New Hartford as they ask for the support of the people. Do they have enough "friends" to get them re-elected? We will see!

Note to the 2009 re-election candidates: You can fool some of the people all of the time, and all of the people some of the time, but you can not fool all of the people all of the time.

Abraham Lincoln, (attributed)
16th president of US (1809 - 1865)

Anonymous said...

You all should know that the bridge alternative has been deemed too expensive and the DOT is currently in the process of designing a signalized intersection on Rte. 840 for the Town of New Hartford. This according to my very reliable source at the DOT. All DOT engineers are opposed to the intersection for safety reasons, but politics have prevailed. There will be deaths due to crashes at the intersection because of this political decision. And why hasn't there been an opportunity for public comment as Roanne suggested? So much for the Judd Road Expressway with unimpeded flow out to the Town of Whitestown!!!!

New Hartford, N.Y. Online said...

This is interesting. It did appear today that something was being done on 840 in the area of The Hartford.

Earle Reed will do anything to keep the public from voicing their concerns. He does not care what the taxpayers think; he is going to do what he wants even if the people who would know best advise against it. Shame on the DOT if they "cave in" to Earle Reed!