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Monday, July 28, 2008

The Lucky Dozen (or more?)

From the DRAFT version of the July 9, 2008 Town Board minutes:

Higby Road Water District
Highway Superintendent Cleveland renewed discussion of several meetings ago about property owners in the Higby Road Water District who did not receive bills and should have. Superintendent Cleveland requested the Town Board’s consensus of how to pursue this matter. Contact had been made with another municipality(ies) which experienced a similar occurrence and their decision was to begin billing the property owners in the second year, rather than charging back for the first year. The Highway Superintendent inquired whether the Town Board wants to pursue this or not; he is willing to have a conversation with Board members on this matter involving approximately a dozen property owners [out of about 350 owners in the District]. Any changes need to be submitted to the Assessor’s Office not later than March 1, 2009 for billing in 2010. It was the consensus of the Town Board to review this.
Hmm! So lets' see, the first year the $365 was to be added to the Town & County Tax Bills for Higby Road water district debt reduction was this past January [2008]. We have the assessment database and can tell you that parcels tagged with Higby Road Water District in the 2007 Assessment database (used to calculate the 2008 town taxes) total 336 parcels; minus the 4 parcels that were charged that shouldn't have been...makes a total of 332 parcels charged for the Higby Road Water District debt reduction in 2008.

We now have a copy of the 2008 Final Assessment roll. For the tax bill that will be sent for the January 2009 town/county taxes; there are 333 parcels tagged as being in the Higby Road Water District.

What that all means is that as of today, the same people who were not being charged for the Higby Road water district debt reduction on their 2008 town/county tax bill are not tagged to be charged for their 2009 town/county tax bill either. In fact, the July 9, 2008 DRAFT minutes, make it appear that the town board sees no problem with sitting on this for another year.

If the town board doesn't feel they need to make corrections until March 1, 2009, doesn't that mean that a dozen (probably more by our calculations, unless you believe Roger) people are riding on the backs of the rest of the people in the water district for two (2) bills are sent out in January EACH year?

The sad part is that this same topic was on the town board agenda in January 2008, and yet no one on the town board made sure that the corrections were made by March 1, time for the 2009 tax bill! Here is an excerpt from the January 23, 2008 town board meeting minutes:

RESOLVED that the New Hartford Town Board does hereby authorize that letters be mailed to property owners outside the Higby Road Water District who were charged debt service, as well as to those few property owners inside said Water District that were not charged debt service, explaining the circumstances and offering a resolution.
We know that Roger sent the letters to the four (4) people that were erroneously charged explaining how they can be reimbursed; Concerned Citizens FOILed the letters. However, it appears that the town board failed to do anything about the people who were erroneously NOT charged! Probably explains why our FOIL for the letters to those residents was never honored!

Where was Robert A. Payne, III, the councilman for that area of town; why isn't he looking out for the taxpayers in his Ward?

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Roger is looking out for his friends and Bob Payne3 is an imcompetent idiot. Everybody who is paying for water in the district is being cheated by these 2 - their bills would be lower if everybody that is supposed to be paying was.