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Thursday, July 31, 2008

Keep those emails coming!

Our Anonymous Tipline has once again proved invaluable in breaking stories around town that otherwise would have gone unreported.

Story in today's Observer Dispatch:
"New Hartford school project back within cost estimates; Some aesthetics eliminated; other re-bid estimates also lower".
We received many tips regarding the cost overrun that Mr. Nole was not willing to admit was a problem when we visited his office on July 7th. It's also been reported to us that since we posted our blog on July 22nd, there have been a lot of "nervous" school administrators walking the halls. Three weeks after our visit we read about the cost overrun in the newspaper...go figure!

One thing missing in the Observer Dispatch article is mention of the final plans for the Auditorium/Community Performing Arts Theatre that Mr. Nole told us would not look quite like it was represented to the voters.

Makes one wonder what else are they forgot to mention to the article? In fact, we have heard that there are more changes than they admitted to in the article.

We appreciate your tips; rest assured that we follow up on every one of them. Together, we can make a change!


Anonymous said...

Well..Well...Well, I try to read these bloggs everyday and sometimes wonder if anybody else does. I read the OD this morning and recall reading the blogg a few days ago and thought nobody cares...Surprise...Keep up the good work. Maybe we(you) will overcome..

Anonymous said...

They should be nervous if Nole gets the job. He has no exp with teachers.From what I gather the teachers would revole if Nole gets the job.

Anonymous said...

I think he is getting the job

New Hartford, N.Y. Online said...

Concerned Citizens would be very surprised if he doesn't get the job.