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Sunday, July 13, 2008

I cannot tell a lie...I believe it's for a buffer zone...

So what else did Robert Nole, Assistant Superintendent for Business Affairs at New Hartford Central School have to say during our recent visit to his office?

Well, in recent months Concerned Citizens has been receiving tips on our Anonymous Tip Line regarding a piece of vacant land in the Village of New Hartford that is owned by St. John's Church. Reportedly, someone, who as yet is unnamed, is going to buy the church property on George Ave and donate it to the school. So naturally, instead of guessing as to the validity of the reports, we decided to get the story straight from the "horse's mouth".

Mr. Nole admitted that something like that was in the works. When we asked what the school plans to use the property for, he said it was his understanding that it will be a buffer zone between the school and the homes in the area of Bohling Road, Graham Ave, and Bonnie Lane.

Hmmm! Sounds kind of odd doesn't it because if the church owns the land and it is vacant land isn't there already a buffer between the school and the homes on Bohling Road? How does the school owning the property make it any more of a buffer zone than it currently is?

More importantly, who is buying the property from the church and what do they expect to get in return for their donation to the school? Sorry, Mr. Nole, but your explanation doesn't pass the "smell test".

Since Concerned Citizens has a copy of tax maps for the Village of New Hartford, we decided to look up where this parcel is and map it out for you. We have highlighted in yellow the vacant land owned by St. John's Church that is supposed to be purchased and donated to the school. We have marked the residential parcels with the house numbers and everything else that we have highlighted in purple is also vacant land according to the 2008 Tentative Assessment Roll. We are also providing you with an Excel spreadsheet listing all the property in the nearby area.

Have any ideas or heard anything around town, please use our Anonymous Tip Line to let us know what you have heard. As we piece things together, we will keep you updated.

We discussed one more topic with Mr. Nole and we will be blogging about that in a couple of days. Stay tuned!


Anonymous said...

Mr Nole is the PERFECT replacement for dan gilligan. He has learned his lessons well at the foot of the master.

swimmy said...

I was wondering the same thing. If the land is undeveloped and vacant already, why purchase and have it donated to the school and subsequently taken off the tax rolls?

Unless, they have other plans for it...

If a buffer zone is the true intent of the reason for the land, why not broker a contract with the church to keep the land undeveloped and should the church decide to sell the land then give the school the right of first refusal?

New Hartford, N.Y. Online said...


We have actually heard that it is going to be a parking lot.

Let's see...perhaps a student parking lot? Maybe. Our question is why is someone buying the land and donating it to the school? No one gives something for nothing...just ask Larry Adler.

Now suppose the person who is donating the property already owns most of the other vacant land in that area? Could it be that he might see a benefit of havng the additional parking over beside the bus garage; a location where it would be much easier to exit the school premises on Bohling Road instead of Graham Ave? Maybe.