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Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Architects are just too darn expensive...

that's what Robert Nole, Assistant Superintendent for Business Affairs, possibly soon to be the next Superintendent of NHCS when Dan Gilligan retires, said during our visit a couple of weeks ago when we asked if there was any truth to the information we received on our Anonymous Tipline that the school is $4 - 5 million dollars over-budget with the Triple A Project.

Mr. Nole explained that because of the cost associated with hiring an architect, the school doesn't hire anyone prior to putting the project up for a vote by the residents of the district. They merely put together a conceptual drawing of what they hoped the project will look like. After a favorable vote, they get busy and hire an architect to come up with the final plans prior to putting the project out to bid.

So let's see, the school saved a few thousand by not hiring an architect before they were sure that the bond issue passed, but now they are possibly millions over budget because they didn't hire an architect to draw up more precise plans to begin with. Hmmm! Guess the school can just have another bond vote in a few years (after everyone forgets about the details of the Triple A Project, of course) to make up the difference. Isn't that what taxpayers are for?

We specifically asked about the auditorium/Community Performing Arts Center. Remember, back before the bond vote the architectural rendering looked like this:

You got to admit, it's pretty impressive. Not only did we receive tips that they are over-budget, but we have also received tips that the new auditorium will have no more seats than the current auditorium has and doesn't even resemble the picture above. Mr. Nole assured us that is not the case. Oh, it may have more of a stadium-type seating, but it still has 650 seats according to Mr. Nole. By the way, if they didn't hire an architect, how is this an "architectural rendering" (click on the picture above for a larger image if you can't see the fine print under the drawing)?

We must say that Mr. Nole was very cordial during our visit...even gave us his business card and said we should feel free to call him anytime! Believe me, we will...Concerned Citizens likes to keep in touch with their "friends".

At any rate, guess time will tell...for sure Mr. Nole would never say anything that isn't true...just saying!


And don't forget to watch the video of the July 9, 2008 New Hartford Town Board meeting. Stay tuned...


Anonymous said...

At least we don"t have to learn the meaning of a new language with mr. nole since we all know the real meaning of the words spoken having learned from reed ,gilligan,cleveland,reynolds,etc. We should thank them for being good teachers.

Anonymous said...

How do you stop this..I'm one of the about 10% that does vote..I'm retired and can't afford the taxes in NH now whats going to happen when they build the bridge and now go over budget by millions..Politicians and lawyer have ruined the country..and NH

Anonymous said...

I wonder how much that crude watercolor cost us? 90% of ALL architectural renderings are 3d cad or CGI images. It actually says a lot when you use an architect thats not even up to date with renderings. That's not cost effective so right off the bat I wonder what else is lacking in this plan?