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Thursday, June 26, 2008

Woodberry/Beechwood Stormwater Meeting

If you missed the meeting on Tuesday, June 24, 2008 at the New Hartford High School, Concerned Citizens was there and we were videotaping. We will post a link to view the videotape in the next couple of days.

From the DRAFT Town of New Hartford Board Meeting on June 11, 2008:

Tentative Real Estate Acquisition – Municipal Offices

N. Joseph Yagey provided a status update of the Committee’s efforts to obtain a new municipal building and consolidate some offices. He noted that over the past fifteen (15) years at least fifteen (15) proposals have been considered. Interest in one building has been resurrected and the Committee is reviewing this in order to obtain all information for a full presentation; an architect has interviewed every department to be consolidated as well as those not. The architect gave a preliminary drawing and departments will have their needs met. The Town will need to prepare specifications and present them to the property owner who will prepare a total cost including “build out”. Financial arrangements are being worked on and options will be presented to the Town Board. The Town Attorney will review all agreements with the property owner and their attorney. If the Town Board approves the proposal, the “build out” would begin and, barring any delays/problems, Town offices could occupy the building by the end of 2008.

Stormwater Run-off – Woodstream Court (Woodberry Hills Development)

Gary Wileczka reported that during last week’s rainstorm water flowed down Woodstream Court with some water draining into a catch basin on the high side of the road, but the majority of the water flowing into his yard. In 2006, he also experienced a significant downpour, which washed out dirt where a ravine begins near his property. He covered it with riprap but last week’s downpour moved some of the riprap about 50 yards downstream. He also has flooding on the driveway side of his property.

Highway Superintendent Cleveland apprised the Town Board and Mr. & Mrs. Wileczka that the Town’s consultant has analyzed the Woodberry area, which the consultant has divided into nine (9) different areas and identified issues in the Woodberry Hills-Beechwood Road area. The consultant’s report summarized the issues and addresses remediation efforts and one area targets the Woodstream collection area. The Highway Superintendent intends to ask the Town Board tonight to approve a contract to begin the final design and construction this season, starting at the bottom of the hill and working upward toward the dam. Some remediation work may be able to be accomplished by Town forces, other by contract. Remainder of the work past the dam area, will be done in future phases starting in the Spring of 2009. Remediation in the area of Jubilee Estates probably will be done this year.
We will have more from the DRAFT minutes of this town board meeting in the next few days.

Disclaimer: Please keep in mind these excerpts are taken from DRAFT minutes provided to us through a FOIL request to the Town Clerk. They may not necessarily be the ones that are ultimately filed as the "approved" minutes due to modifications that may occur at the town board level at which point the "approved" minutes also may not necessarily accurately reflect the videotaped version of the meeting as recorded by Concerned Citizens at the June 11, 2008 town board meeting.

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