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Thursday, June 5, 2008

Where was everyone...

when the sign ordinance became law?

Not one person attending the Public Hearing spoke fact, only a handful of people were present at the meeting. Where were all the realtors who are not happy with the law according to the Observer Dispatch article in today's paper?

People just don't seem to get it...this was your opportunity to speak up if you were not happy with the proposed law. That is why Public Hearings take hear both points of view...for and/or against.

In New Hartford, we now have an administration that thinks everything they do is "wonderful" (to quote Earle Reed). To be sure, a good deal of what they do is done behind closed doors, but Concerned Citizens has taken the time to let you know a lot of what is going open the doors, so to speak. We posted the DRAFT copy of the sign ordinance and let everyone know about the Public Hearing.

When everyone sits on their derriere and no one asks questions or voices their displeasure, the town board is left to believe that they are doing exactly what the majority of people would like them to do.

The May 28, 2008 town board meeting lasted exactly 30 minutes including the time that it took to hold a public hearing and adopt the sign ordinance.

30 minutes...surely, everyone could have taken 30 minutes out of their evening.

30 sad that such a progressive town only needs 30 minutes to conduct their public business!

The sign ordinance is now town law...whether you are in favor of it or not.

Let's see, three members of the town board and the Highway Superintendent are going to be up for re-election in 2009...will we see their signs along the road on every vacant lot like we did for the second Ward councilperson last summer or will they honor they own law?

Here is a copy of the newly adopted sign ordinance ...we will have a permanent link to the sign ordinance on on all our websites shortly.

The videotape of the May 28, 2008 Town Board Meeting including the Public Hearing is now available online.

Note: Our videos are hosted on Google. Google has been having some technical difficulties and we have been unable to post some previous meetings. We are working to get them online at this point and they should be available soon.


Anonymous said...

Board meetings? You mean those Town Bored Meetings? The ones where the "audience" and their squeaky chairs are 30 feet away from the mumbling men squeezed together at a table? You mean the one where 90% of what is said is spoken in a nearly-inaudible complex legal-ese, unintelligible and incomprehensible to the taxpaying spectator who is late for his third job (so he can pay his high taxes)?

When it's election time, the Bored members suddenly have the inspiration to "get the word out" in the papers, on signs, and on the radio. When it comes to a law that affects everyone in the Town, we're given 30 minutes of mumbling? Was there any announcement that this meeting was going to be a "law-making" meeting?

Anonymous said...

I know what your saying but this is just how government wants it..If it wasn't for this blog no one would have a clue whats going on. and really the serveys I've seen have a handful of responces..Look at the school votes 20,000 people in NH 1500 maybe 2000 vote on the budget, only have ourself to blame

Anonymous said...

I am sure they managed to work in an exception for their political campaign signs.