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Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Well, Well...

are you a resident in the Town of New Hartford who wants water lines run in front of your home so you can hook up to city water, but you have thus far been unsuccessful in getting any action from the town board (Snowden Hill comes to mind)?

Do you live in the recently created Higby Road Water District and it is costing you a $365 per year unit charge over the next 30 years to pay off the bond debt for the water lines that run in front of your you have vacant property in that district and you have been charged 1/2 a unit just because the water lines run along the front of your lot and you aren't even hooked up to the water?

Remember ...the article in the February 6, 2008 Observer Dispatch?
About 20 residents who live on Woods Highway could see an increase in their tax bills if a water district is established in that area, town officials said.
And the article also said:
The town legally can create or expand water districts, but residents in those areas would have to pay for any services that may have to be created to serve their needs.
And it also said:
The town also is looking to explore other alternatives to partly fund the creation of a water district. Woodland said federal grants may be available.
Not so...they are using town, county and school tax revenues to pay to bring water to the residents on Woods Highway.

According to the DRAFT version of PILOT/TIF agreement that was made available to Concerned Citizens by Town Attorney Green at the April 23, 2008 Town Board Meeting, part of the property tax revenue that the New Hartford Central School, the County of Oneida and the Town of New Hartford are foregoing for the next 15 years will also be used to install the water lines in front of the homes on Woods Highway right up to the Whitestown town line. So, in other words, they will get their water lines for FREE. No bond debt to be paid on their tax bill. See for is the page in the DRAFT Agreement Allocating Pilot Payments that shows 5,000 LF of pipe to bring the water line to the Town of Whitestown town line.

The following resolution was adopted at the April 23, 2008 Town Board Meeting:

Agreement Allocating PILOT Payments - New Hartford Business Park

Attorney Green submitted a copy of the Agreement Allocating Pilot Payments, asking the Town Board to authorize the supervisor to sign this Agreement when it is finalized, barring substantial changes from the other counsel…if there are changes, Attorney Green will come back to the Town Board. This will then go to the County for approval and the County Executive’s signature. The New Hartford Central School District and Superintendent Dan Gilligan have approved the agreement in principle but they would have to sign it. The borrowing will take place in May 2008 and Bond Counsel is aware of this and will be taking care of legal documents. Councilwoman Krupa then introduced the following Resolution; seconded by Councilman Payne:

(RESOLUTION NO. 119 OF 2008)

RESOLVED that the New Hartford Town Board does hereby authorize and direct the Town Supervisor to execute the Agreement Allocating PILOT Payments among the Town of New Hartford, the County of Oneida, the New Hartford Central School District and the Oneida County Industrial Development Agency, with regard to the following projects in the New Hartford Business Park

Hartford Fire Insurance Company, Ryan Companies US, Inc.
New Hartford Office Group, LLC
BCK Enterprises, LLC

And be it

FURTHER RESOLVED that the New Hartford Town Board will accept from the Developer a personal guarantee or letter of credit once it has been revised and accepted by Bond Counsel. [With regard to the personal guarantee that was received, the form wasn’t in compliance with the form that Bond Counsel had worked with in the past.]

The Resolution was then declared unanimously carried and duly adopted.
According to Highway Superintendent Roger Cleveland at the last town board meeting, work will begin very shortly. Here is the entire DRAFT of the Agreement Allocating PILOT Payments (it is a large pdf document and may take some time to download) .

We will have more on the subject of the PILOT/TIF Agreement in a couple of days. According to the DRAFT agreement other parts of "the plan" have changed since the public presentation that was given at the New Hartford High School on January 31, 2008...of course, since thus far we have only been given a can only guess that even more changes will be made; we can only guess what those changes may entail particularly if no one asks any questions...


Anonymous said...

Can I have a free water line in front of my house too?

Anonymous said...

I read this blog yesterday and it clicked in today..little slow huh?? Who said the school, after beating us down every year with lavish spending, can fund sewer lines. When they put the sewer lines in front of my house in the
70,s I had to pay, might still be paying for all I know. Wish the school would have funded mine.

New Hartford, N.Y. Online said...

Amazing isn't it? The school doesn't need the property tax revenue from the New Hartford Business Park, but they keep raising the tax rate. But, then again the majority votes for the increase...because it is for the children.

Wait a few more days...for another episode of "Days of Our Lives--New Hartford Style"...available on our blog. You (and everyone else that already has sewers) might actually get to help pay to extend the sewer lines to a private individual on Old Paris Road. The town is working on it.

Why should anyone have to pay for sewer hook-up themselves when they have all of us to share the cost? Never mind the fact that we all had to pay for our own hook-up...that's a minor detail.