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Monday, June 16, 2008

If you missed the stormwater meeting tonight...

we have an audio recording.

Tonight's meeting focused on the proposed fixes for the Jubilee and Longworth Acres area. The audio is a little over 1 hour and you will need Windows Media Player. We hope you take the time to listen to the comments; we think you will find some of them quite interesting. Basically, the message tonight was that they are concentrating on fixing the problems upstream and hopefully those fixes will alleviate some of the flooding downstream, but not necessarily all downstream problems will be alleviated.

One of the slides shown outlined the proposed cost for remediation in this part of town will be over $500,000 when you take into consideration the purchase of the two lots in Jubilee.

Also mentioned at the last town board meeting, there will be another meeting planned to discuss stormwater issues. This meeting will be in regards to stormwater issues in the Woodberry/Beechwood area and was tentatively scheduled for June 24, 2008 at the New Hartford High School. We will keep you updated regarding this meeting.


Anonymous said...

Wow this is great! Thanks for providing an audio! Wouldn't it be wonderful of the town did such a service regularly?! I think there are many of us who would love this, and it would bring new meaning to "open government."

New Hartford, N.Y. Online said...

You are very welcome.

We agree, it would be nice if the town provided the information. However, open government is not about to happen in New Hartford until this "crew" is relieved of duty.

swimmy said...

I'm curious to know why the developer isn't being held financially responsible for this fiasco and why the town taxpayers have to foot this bill.

New Hartford, N.Y. Online said...


That's a question many people asked at the meetings. Roger Cleveland said they are only looking forward and not back. It would take too much time to pursue legally and in the meantime, nothing would get done to alleviate the problems.

Unfortunately, we are not convinced that anything will ever get done with the $2 million. Remember, they have already wasted $2.4 million stormwater bond money in the 1990s and stormwater is a bigger problem now than it was then. After listening to the two meetings that were recently held, one has to wonder if they even have a plan that will work and/or if they are competent enough to get the work done.

Concerned Citizens tried to get the town to give specifics regarding their "planned fix areas" prior to the bond vote. We wondered how you can bond for money when you don't have a did they come up with the amount of money that was needed? When the town refused to give those specifics we were convinced that they did not have a plan or that they didn't want to let residents know that only a very small portion of the problems would be fixed with the $2 million.

At last night's meeting, it was apparent that they have no idea of the magnitude of the problems in the Woodberry/Beechwood area let alone the rest of the town.

By our calculations, if they only do the Oxford/Tibbitts/Kellogg Road and the Woodberry/Beechwood areas, they will have spent all of the $2 million and they will need to bond for more money to continue. Did everyone look at the purchase offer for the two lots in Jubilee and notice that William Virkler, Sr. is the broker for the deal? At the meeting on that area they said if two lots don't work, they are holding on the purchase of 2 more lots that they could purchase if needed. Sure, why not, it's only taxpayer dollars.

As we keep saying, unless and until everyone starts demanding accountability this farce will continue. One of the most important first steps should be to put in place laws that holds each and every developer accountable for any stormwater runoff problems created by their development. The need for laws was discussed prior to the bond vote and to date there are still no laws so that action can be taken against these developers. Once a development is finished, the developer walks away never to be heard from again.

Wake up New Hartford and let your councilman know how you feel. Use our Who is My Councilman program to find out who represents you on the town board. Silence is not golden!