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Saturday, June 28, 2008



That's right; it is a law, but the New Hartford Central School just doesn't seem to think they need to comply.

We have received emails from our readers asking us when we think we might get a copy of the Employees Union Contract that was approved by the school board in January. The clock keeps ticking...

UPDATE: On Wednesday, June 25th, just in case the school thought we had gone away or they lost our last FOIL request, Concerned Citizens decided to send another FOIL request for the Employees Union Contract. On Thursday, June 26th, the reply we received from Ms. Greico, Records Officer at the school, was "Your request has been received and is being reviewed by the Business Office."

Reviewed by the Business Office? Is that a review by the same person that is currently under consideration to replace Dan Gilligan as School Superintendent? Before Mr. Nole takes control we hope someone will enlighten him regarding the FOI Law. We thought we had cleared everything up when we met with School Superintendent Dan Gilligan and School Attorney Hallak last February. There is no review necessary! The contract is a public document and is readily available, therefore it is FOILable...period! Our initial request was sent on January 17, 2008...the school has had more than enough time to review our request.

What are they hiding? As of today the school owes us the Employees Union Contract and the full budget...not the 7 page document they are trying to say is the complete budget.

And as of June 25th, they now owe us copies of all change orders for the Triple A Project. You see, we have had a number of anonymous tips telling us that we need to look into the Triple A Project to uncover some facts that might make some taxpayers quite angry.

Earth to New Hartford Central School...Concerned Citizens is not going away any time soon. Tuesday, July 1 will be Day 5. According to Robert Freeman, Executive Director, Committee on Open Government, an agency has 5 business days to respond in some manner. There are several choices. None of the choices mentioned by Mr. Freeman are "it is under review".

By the way, we will have the videotape of the Stormwater meeting for the Woodberry/Beechwood area on our blog this evening.

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