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Thursday, May 29, 2008

Tying up some "loose ends"

We received a "tip" on our tipline a couple of days ago. Normally, we just quietly work behind the scenes investigating and then we would write a blog after we have all the facts. But this "tipster" wasn't sending us a tip that needs further investigation:
It is interesting that your blog will print allegations and snide comments from individuals concerning the generous donation of funds from a private citizen for a police motorcycle and safety equipment (including uniform and training for the riding officer) to the NHPD prior to the official press release about such, but not comment on the official press release (dtd 5/14/08) itself.
Actually, we just wanted to tell the "tipster" that it is not interesting at all. You see, we are not on the town board approved "official press release" recipient list nor are we a news agency although we must admit that we are flattered that you apparently thought we were either on "the list" and/or a news agency. Actually even if we had received the press release, we thought we said just about everything there was to say on the topic and no further comment was necessary, but we would be happy to do a recap for anyone who has not read our previous blogs on the subject.

The New Hartford Police Department accepted a donation...a two year rental of a $25,000 Police Harley Davidson motorcycle...from Dr. & Mrs. Kowalsky. On November 16, 2007, Chief Philo notified the town clerk to add the vehicle to the town insurance. On November 19, 2007, the lease agreement was actually signed by Chief Philo without town board approval (it was not signed by the Kowalskys, the supposed donors). The lease agreement specifically states that the town will be held liable for any damage to the motorcycle.

Then on March 23, 2008, 5 months later, the town board passed a resolution to accept the donation of the motorcycle and that is when the board wanted to know if there was any cost to the town. One might call that tactic "closing the barn door after the horses get out".

And finally, according to our "tipster", on May 14, 2008, the town board sent out a press release to let everyone know about the "generous" donation that was made 7 months prior. We must admit that we apparently missed the "official" press release...was it in the Observer Dispatch...because it isn't on the town's
"official" website.

Hmm....let's see the tipster said "snide comments":
Snide - Adjective
comments critical in an unfair and nasty way
So we are guessing that the "tipster" thinks that it is unfair and nasty to criticize the fact that the town board and Chief Philo "forgot" to do a couple of things along the way! Oh well...

Oh and by the way, the "tipster" forgot to say that the "private citizen" donor just happens to be the Police Surgeon whose family members are avid motorcycle enthusiasts. You know, there is an Officer Kowalsky on the NHPD...wonder if he is any relation to the donors...wonder who took the riding course on how to handle the Harley...just saying.


Anonymous said...

Yea, shame be unto you for casting aspersions onto these fine NHPD officers.

Why, there they are, riding around town on a Harley making sure I'm safe. Some people actually consider motorcycling a sport and pay for it themselves! Soon we'll see a Harley fleet in NHPD and then we will have morphed into Utica 1950s style! Such progress!

What's next, a boat brigade detail for Sauqoit creek so we can be like the Sheriffs? And don't forget the snowmobile detail! These are dangerous assignments and we should be thankful we're paying 50, 60 or 70 grand a year (and more!) to these officers for riding a Harley.

Vroom vroom!

Anonymous said...

Any bets that the Kowalsky's motive was to obtain this motorcycle after the lease because they are not authorized to purchase one. Stand by...

Town Taxpayer said...

How much in salaries to New Hartford's finest police officers???

Their annual pay is closer to the $80,000 - $100,000 range.

Just ask Chief Philo how much hix brother makes, too!

Anonymous said...

Typical New Hartford mumbo-jumbo

How long till NHPD has Air 1, their own Police Helicopter?

Stand By.....