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Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Yup...Mistakes DO happen!

Here's another one...5,066 sq. ft assessed for $236,500 with a mere 2 acres of land on a private road...Thats $46.68 per sq. ft.

Compared to:

This is the home featured in yesterday's blog assessed for $66.50 per sq. ft.

Remember Neighborhood Codes back in the State Reassessment years? That's when you were told that to arrive at your assessed value (supposedly 100% of market value) they compared your home to sales of other "like" homes in your "Neighborhood".

The funny thing is that during the revaluation, all these properties were put in the same neighborhood...Neighborhood Code 4817! Want to have a good laugh? Check out the description for Neighborhood Code 4817! What a farce!!!

1 comment:

John Spade said...

I would like to see more "irregularities" of the Town's Assessment Data Base.